Disco Pants Shorts & Future Prospects

Recently I cut up one of my Chinese cheapie disco pants that already had a broken zipper and a popped off button. What, I paid like $11 for it and I know it would cost about $20 to replace the zipper and button. Considering that I will probably never have them repaired, I decided they would be a good pair to experiment on. As you may remember that I wrote last summer, I wanted to created a pair of disco pants shorts, but nothing like that which American Apparel calls disco shorts. I want to make a pair that is mid-thigh to knee-length. Mind you, even though this pair was destroyed as is it was still hard for me to put scissors to them and cut away. But I did it because I want to see how it would be. It turned out pretty good! I did not cut them exactly straight across but that can be remedied temporarily by rolling them up a bit. But I do realize the importance of having a hem. It just looks neater and you do prevent the risk of the material unraveling itself. I plan on getting a sewing machine sometime in the fall and I will then proceed to make myself a pair of disco pants shorts with a proper hem. I know by then it’s fall and I will probably not be wearing shorts but it matters not. Perhaps I can even start a disco pants shorts business and leave my mark on this iconic item of clothing.

I wanted to show a photo of how my creation turned out but I don’t have one at the moment. I can only describe them as what would appear to be a very shiny pair of biker shorts without the padding of course and with back pockets! And for whatever reason I think I would feel more confident wearing these out in public rather than a pair of the full length pants. Probably because guys wearing tight bike shorts is a more common thing than guys in disco pants or tights. However as I mentioned before, leggings are very popular among guys now, though I still have yet to see any around here wearing them. But having a bike on hand would make it even more justifiable to wear my disco pants shorts. They are super comfortable, stylish and with those rear pockets even functional! I may experiment with making 2 or 3 different length versions of them.

The only thing is that these cheap Chinese disco pants have become harder to find. No longer are they on ebay. They are on aliexpress though, thanks to a reader of this blog who informed me of this. Still pretty cheap over there but you have to make sure you’re  getting the right thing. And they take a little long to ship and to arrive. But well worth the wait for the price and quality. These are great pants for those who are interested in disco pants but may be timid when it comes to wearing them. At least this way you don’t spend a lot if you decide they’re not for you, although for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would make that decision.

Previously I had mentioned that there were a lot of things in limbo for me and I wasn’t sure how things were going to turn out. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging regularly due to feelings of trepidation. But I’m glad to say that it looks like things will turn out better and I will be looking to expand my disco pants collection soon! I think you might have already noticed a clue when I mentioned that I would be buying a sewing machine in the fall. So yes, I have some plans for disco pants and many other things for the remainder of this year and it’s going to be a very exciting time. I’ll keep you posted as to any new developments in the world of disco pants.

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4 Year Anniversary

It must have slipped my mind that just less than 2 weeks ago the 4 year anniversary of my first public wearing of spandex disco pants came and went. I just remembered today. Four years have already gone by! Wow!

I wish I could say I’ve been wearing disco pants for 4 years now. But that’s not the case. Stuff happened and my disco-pants-wearing career came to an abrupt end after less than a year. I don’t want to get into very specific details. It’s not that I don’t wear them at all anymore. But I went from 3-6 wearings per month to a couple of wearings per year now. And perhaps 3-6 wearings per month does not sound like much but to me it was great progress. I was getting very close to wearing disco pants in places other than where I started wearing them. I was tracking personal milestones in terms of my disco pants progress. Some of them included: the very first time I wore them; the first time I wore a color other than black; and the times I wore them at other places. And all this progress was made within a period of about 8 months. Twenty-nine wearings in that 8 month period. Only 17 since. Just imagine if everything kept going well!

But things didn’t keep going well. They came to a sudden halt. And I feel that any progress I made is now lost and I would be starting nearly from the beginning again. Not from square one altogether of course. After all, there are still many people who are used to and expect to see me in disco pants. And I make it a point of keeping any form of social media I use inundated with pics of me in disco pants, just so no one will forget or think it was only a phase I was going through.

The good news is I have every intention of wearing disco pants in public again. Any ideal opportunity I get will be a consideration. In fact, I may have 2 opportunities in this new month of May. And while I’m still not in the best of shape to wear them, I could be in worse shape. And perhaps I don’t look as young as I’d like to, I still do look younger than my years!

But that first time I wore disco pants 4 years ago was a very exciting time. I made sure to note every reaction I got that evening. You can probably find a post from 4 years ago where I detailed a lot of the comments I received. They were mostly positive. Nearly everyone wanted to touch the pants or ask questions about them. I had a very fun time that day.

I did not wear disco pants again until 2 weeks after that initial date. Why the delay? Well, one week later we were going to be at a different location with a lot more people and I was going to be in more of a ‘public eye’ position. You see, I was going to be up in front of everyone playing with the band. And that would have been too big of a step to take so soon in my opinion. I prefer taking baby steps. So in two weeks I wore the same Bojeangles pair again. From then on I started experimenting with wearing tighter fitting pairs and even other colors. I’ll never forget what one girl said to me when I was wearing my favorite pair of black Le Gambi’s:”You’re pants are getting tighter and tighter.” And she was right because that pair is one of the tightest black ones I have.

I probably would have worn black disco pants more regularly during those first 8 months. The problem was if I always showed up wearing these skintight, shiny black pants, people were likely to assume I was always wearing the same exact pants. And while I’d love to live in them day and night I don’t want anyone thinking I wear the same single item of clothing all the time. Even though at that time I had about 6 pair of black ones it would be easy to assume I was always wearing the same ones. So I had to start working in the other colors I have. And I did. I wore blue, gold, red, royal blue, navy blue and dark green. I still intend on wearing my silver ones, steel blue ones and white ones eventually.

We’ll see how this new month goes in terms of wearing disco pants. I still have not worn them in 2016. So I’m looking out for the first opportunity,

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Disco Pants on Album Covers, Pt. 1

I’ve been thinking about doing a posted dedicated to album covers that featured someone, anyone wearing spandex disco pants. I know I’ve posted some before. This is a huge endeavor to take on. First, one has to have an extensive record collection or at least an extensive knowledge of album artwork. I have neither. For one thing I’m not much of a record collector. I like to have the music but not necessarily the actual records. Secondly, my knowledge is limited due to my having been way too young to buy and own records during the initial height of disco pants. However I have come across some albums from the era that do feature the pants and I do welcome any help from the readers out there.

Just yesterday I was looking at an Olivia Newton-John record I have that is dated 1977. This is a record I picked up at a thrift store a while back. I’m not a huge fan of her music but the cover features her wearing what appears to be black disco pants. So I bought the album. I was a little surprised that the album is dated 1977 since I am fully confident that disco pants did not appear until 1978. Thus I began to wonder if perhaps the pants were something other than disco pants. Perhaps they were her sharkskin pants from the Grease movie. But since the album artwork presents a full shot of the pants you can see that they are a little loose at the hems, just as disco pants from that era were. Clearly they are not her Grease pants. What was I to do? I went on Wikipedia of course and looked up the album. There it states that the album was recorded and released in 1978, right after the Grease soundtrack. And the actual vinyl record label says 1978 also. So the cover says one thing, Wikipedia says something else and the record label confirms Wikipedia. So I must conclude the album is from 1978 and she is wearing disco pants albeit rather loose-fitting ones.

I’m still having some difficult posting photos here. Perhaps I need to do a computer reboot. Nonetheless I will do a post featuring album covers that have people in disco pants. Other than that I’m sure you all heard that Prince Rogers Nelson has died. For what he lacked in height he more than made up for in talent. Anyway I saw some video on the news of him wearing a gold outfit which appeared to include gold disco pants. I’m not sure because I have not been able to find any related photos or video. It would not surprise me because the first few years of his career coincided with the apex of disco pants wearing. I would just like to find the video I saw on the news just to confirm this and add him to the list of amazing people who have worn disco pants.


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I came across some old papers of mine and discovered (confirmed, perhaps) that my very first pair of vintage spandex disco pants were purchased in mid-2003 on eBay. I know I wrote about this before. My first pair was a red pair of Frederick’s of Hollywood. They were ill-fitting or in other words, very loose. I knew nothing about the size of disco pants back then and I was limited to ordering while using a very public computer at my job. There was no way to do this discreetly there and I had no home computer at the time.

Shortly after buying those I bought another pair of Frederick’s but this time in silver. I was much more excited about silver than red and while these were certainly more appropriately fitting, they were way too short as the original owner had them cut to length. Again, I knew nothing about the sizings of disco pants when I bought them, and I was just thrilled to be getting the sort of pants that I could only watch in amazement on TV when I was a child. As short as these pants were though, they were certainly a thrill to put them on.

For whatever reason, I did not buy any more disco pants that year. Probably disappointment with my purchases combined with the difficulty in trying to buy such things with the constant fear of someone looking over your shoulder. Not that there is anything particularly wrong with buying spandex disco pants. But I could understand how some people might find it peculiar or even something to talk about over at the water cooler or while taking a cigarette break. But it was not until spring of the following year that I ordered another pair. This time it was a brand new–as in newly made and sold–pair from England. Third time’s a charm, right? Not. This newly made pair did not have the typical shine of traditional disco pants and it was more of a leggings fit like American Apparel’s. And not only that but they were short on me as well. At least AA’s have always had the right shine and have always been long enough on me.

So that was it for my initial disco pants buying days. I bought no other disco pants until 4 years later when AA came out with theirs. That was 2008. It took another almost 4 years before I started buying the vintage ones again. This time I was wiser regarding the sizing. I know what will fit and how it will fit and I know whether or not it will be long enough. The good thing now is that even any of them are shorter than ideal I can always wear them with boots and no one will be the wiser. And while I have right now what I consider to be a pretty amazing collection of disco pants, I’m always on the lookout for those rare colors I still want such as bright green, grey, wine & brown among any others that I may find interesting. Black is also a color I can never have too many of!

We’ll see what 2016 brings forth. We are 4 months into the year and I have only added a single pair to my collection. Let’s see if that changes any.

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Vintage Disco Pants With Belt Loops

Recently I came across a real treasure. I got a vintage pair of silver spandex disco pants that has belt loops and fits like the super skinny leggings style of American Apparel’s version. The brand is Frederick’s of Hollywood and the pants have a really silky, satin-like look and feel to them, similar to my white Jonden’s. The pockets are also more squared-off than the rounded ones that were more typical of FOH’s and other big brands of the day. And there is no brand tag on the right-side pocket. And it has a plastic zipper. I imagine this pair to be a later era design, perhaps mid-80’s or later.

I had a pair of these very same pants three and a half years ago. I even blogged about them. Leggings fit, squared pockets, super shiny & silky, belt loops, plastic zipper, FOH brand. Even the same color: silver. It seems pretty unbelievable that I paid $100 for them at that time. Even worse, they were so small–size 3/4 in fact–that they didn’t fit me. And to add insult to injury the crotch totally came undone and the zipper broke when I did try them on. Thus, I had to pay extra to get the pants repaired and I eventually ended up selling them for only about $60. So that one turned out to be a serious waste of money.

For most of my disco-pants-buying journey I have been avoiding getting any that have belt loops because those usually offer no stretch on the waistband. I learned that the hard way with the aforementioned FOH pair. I may have gotten 1 or 2 others here and there and they all confirmed my non-stretch waistband observation. And since I am still in the ideal physical shape I want to be, I really need as much stretch as possible on the waist band. However, I would love it if I could wear disco pants with belt loops because I usually wear a belt with my disco pants anyway. I just like the look.

But I acquired the very same type of disco pants recently. You might be wondering why I would get the same kind of pants I could not work with three and a half years ago. Well, as most of you already know, disco pants prices have really dropped since 2012, which is also when I started blogging about them. So this same type that I paid $100 for in 2012, I paid just over $20 in 2016! Not only that but the size of this pair was a lot more generous than the other. It was obvious just by looking at them. So I figured if I can’t fit into this one I would just flip it for a profit. To my surprise the pants did fit! And beautifully at that! An absolute perfect fit. I’m not crazy about the AA-style fit on the calves because it does tend to magnify one’s footwear, especially for guys. But for the price I paid I am totally thrilled and I will be hanging onto this one. i did a photo shoot with them last evening and I really did not want to take them off. I was concerned about them showing signs of over-stretching along some seams but I found nothing notable. The pants are pretty new looking and appear to have been never worn or perhaps very gently and rarely worn. The belt-looped waistband gave just enough stretch to accommodate my waist. I struggled to slip my studded belt through the loops, though. I need to find a narrower belt to use with these.

I would love to share a few fit pics but every time I come here to write I am reminded of how difficult it is to do anything on WordPress now that they have made all these changes and ‘improvements’. I can’t even find the link to upload photos anymore. I will look around a bit and if I can figure it out I will add some pics.


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AA Disco Pants 2008-2016?

I really dislike winter. Not only because the cold and snow are responsible for breaking things and making things unpleasant, but mainly because the frigid temperatures do not allow me to comfortable wear my disco pants nor my skinny jeans. Yes, during winter I have to resort back to wearing looser fitting jeans and fleece pants because they allow the extra room for wearing warm tights underneath. Can’t do that with skinny jeans and even less so with disco pants. I’m sure I wrote in the past that when I wore my brown disco pants in the brutal cold of January one year I chose to wear lycra tights underneath them for extra warmth. The problem was the seams of my tights showed through on my disco pants and that was not a good look. Not only that but the lycra tights were not warm to begin with, being quite thin and made from nylon & spandex. I never wore disco pants with tights underneath them again. And nowadays I wear Under Armour tights underneath my jeans or fleece pants. They keep my legs warm. But with skinny jeans it just feels too tight and seems like I can’t pull the jeans up as high as I’d like. I’m not one of these ‘saggers’ or a fan of low-rise jeans. I prefer normal/classic waisted jeans and pants. though Levi’s 510’s are pretty perfect in terms of their rise. That’s why I’m also a big fan of Nudie High Kai and Thin Finn. They have normal rises and fit pretty tight.

Finally, I have a pair of white, vintage disco pants that actually look white when I wear them. I’ve had some that look silver and sometimes the two colors in general can be hard to distinguish. But this pair is a bright white and fits perfectly snug. That takes care of another color I’ve been seeking. I’m still hoping to find green, wine, brown & turquoise–had turquoise but sold it after deciding I would probably never wear it. Rash decision. Which brings me to a word of advice for today: never sell things before getting paid unless you completely trust your buyer. It only takes getting burned once to leave you utterly jaded.

A reader of this blog has brought a really cool video to my attention. It’s a video from 2013 that features a former member of Menudo, Johnny Lozada, appearing on a television show wearing a pair of American Apparel disco pants in deep peacock. At first I wasn’t sure it was really Johnny because the show was a Halloween special and the ‘Juan Gabriel’ person was clearly not the real Juan Gabriel. So I thought it was someone pretending to be Johnny as well. But then I realized it was actually he and surprisingly he is still in very good shape and looked really great in the pants, even though he kept pulling on them and changed his voice to a high-pitched squeal to make it seem like the pants were too tight on him. But, as anyone who has ever worn disco pants already knows, they look and fit skintight but they are totally comfortable. Check out the video:

He was 45 at the time of this show and as I said in very good shape to wear disco pants and that top he was wearing. He might have felt more comfortable wearing the actual vintage-cut disco pants from back in those days as opposed to the skinny/leggings AA cut. I will probably edit this video and upload it to YouTube on my disco pants channel. By the way, Johnny was a member of Menudo from 1980-84.

Finally, I think we have real proof that the whole disco pants trend my be on its last legs. Of course, for we lovers of disco pants it will never go away. It is not a fad nor a trend nor will it be a fashion faux pas at any time. But for those who do follow trends and for the fashionistas and the industry that manufactures them, disco pants are fizzing away and will once again be a thing of the past. The only colors AA is still offering in disco pants are: black, pearl, brown, cranberry, red, midnight, dark green, charcoal & silver. There are about 7 other colors you cannot even buy anymore. And of the colors they are still offering, several are only available in one size only. Additionally, there is no sign of any two-tone and three-town disco pants. They do still have the printed ones but those I do not care for.

I think this is really it. They may keep the black ones and perhaps even the charcoal and red and pearl going for a little longer. But honestly, I cannot see AA selling disco pants beyond 2016. They’ve been selling since 2008. It’s sad but if they do die out I will certainly be looking to ebay to get some authentic pairs. And they will probably be pretty cheap, too!

NOTE: If it seems that I post less and less here it is because I am becoming more and more frustrated with wordpress constantly making changes to its website. With their current new changes I no longer know how to add photos or tags to my posts and I don’t see any options to revert back to the way things were before these changes. Blogspot is much more user-friendly but I would hate to transfer all these posts to another blog. I may just do it though. Stay tuned!

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The Year 2015 in Disco Pants

The year 2015 will go down for me as a slow year in terms of spandex disco pants. I wore them very few times in comparison to the years from 2012-2014. Also I did not acquire very many new ones. I wrapped up the year with a recent white pair. Bought a few vintage ones during the earlier parts of the year but they turned out to be ill-fitting (read: too loose). Also acquired a small-label black Le Gambi with a perfect fit and for a good price.  And of course I went through that period where I was buying several pairs of those Chinese disco pants. I had also built up my collection of American Apparel disco pants. At the apex I had 7 pair. Some I wisely bought cheap and resold for a decent profit. I had intended on keeping all of them but for financial reasons I parted with them. At the moment I am back down to only 3–keeping the 2 colors I cannot find among vintage disco pants and my very first black pair. Other than that it was rather quiet. But I did take tons of photos of myself in all my disco pants.

In terms of what 2016 will bring regarding disco pants I just do not know. I pretty much have every color I want–except the elusive bright green. Still hope to find a brown pair. The brown one I did have was a bit looser than I prefer and I am now more than in the past leaning towards a belief that if one is going to wear disco pants they should be quite tight. But I also believe in keeping different sized pairs for different occasions. Aside from that, I will still be on the lookout for the colors I am lacking and for any inexpensive black Le Gambi’s and for Jonden brand pants in any colour.

I am not envisioning any increased opportunities to wear disco pants out in 2016. It’s unfortunate but that is what I am thinking at this time. I believe 2016 will be somewhat of a year of transition for me. I think there may be more opportunities for me to wear my skinny/tight jeans as opposed to my disco pants. I’m hoping I’m rather off in my forecasting here because what I really want is to just wear all my favorite pants be they spandex disco or my skinniest jeans. But we shall see. It will be interesting to see what I write next year around this same time.

The bad thing about this time of the year around here is that it is just too plain cold to wear disco pants OR skinny jeans. The cold just cuts right through the nylon/spandex/cotton wrapped around your legs. So there’s no going out without wearing the Under Armor underneath the pants. But with skintight disco pants or some tighter fitting skinny jeans, it’s not a viable option. So I find myself wearing fleece pants when going out. As I mentioned though, this year may bring about some different things for me, so going out in fleece pants in the winter may not continue to be an option for me at some point.

One thing is for sure–though I may not post as often as I used to here, I am still just as enthusiastic about disco pants as I have ever been. In fact, I am probably one of the most enthusiastic persons about them. It certainly is not easy to find any other blogs or websites about disco pants. And I am coming from the perspective of not only the ‘SEEING’ end but also from the ‘WEARING’ end. I think most folks who have any interest in these pants are either one or the other. Women on the ‘wearing’ end, men on the ‘seeing’ end. I’m on both so I think it’s a rather unique position to be in along with probably a handful of very few others.

Wouldn’t it be a great New Year’s resolution to actually wear disco pants out in public in 2016? I already have in a sense many times. But I’m thinking just to wear them to go shopping at the mall or the grocery store. Or at the thrift store. Or to the post office. Or to the bank. That’s a goal I really have. Maybe somehow I will find a way to do it in 2016 and I hope that all the readers of this blog who feel the same way will find a way to do so also. Because, after all, life is short and disco pants rock!

Happy New Year to all the readers of this blog. Thanks for coming along for the ride. I hope 2016 will be a busy year in terms of disco pants. I hope to have a lot to write about here and will have a lot of your comments to read.

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