Grey Disco Pant Dupes from China

Yesterday I received my 2 new pairs of Chinese disco pants dupes. You may remember that I was so pleased with the first pair that I went ahead and ordered 2 more from the same seller. I ordered a grey one and another black one. The seller sent me the correct items–right colors and both large–which is a relief because I don’t want to deal with order mistakes on items coming from China. A reader of this blog has stated that he has at least twice already received disco pants in the wrong sizes from the vendor he has purchased from. But no mistakes here, thank goodness!

The black pair is excellent as was the first. Perfect shine, nice tight fit. I am certain I will be getting at least 3 more of these pants in black. They are so great. I have wrote about some of the issues with these pants as compared to American Apparel’s disco pants, but for the price they are really negligible. One issue I touched on previously was confirmed by a reader of this blog; these pants need to be pulled up around the crotch area because they do seem to hang low as a result of the extra long waist-to-crotch (rise) area. Thus, they do tend to look like this if you don’t pull them up:


Not only do they look like they need to be pulled up a bit more around the crotch but you can feel when you walk in them that they should sit up a bit more. The feeling doesn’t bother me that much but it is not an issue I have encountered with vintage disco pants nor AA’s disco pants. I certainly do not like wearing pants lower than they are meant to be worn.

These pants in black are quite long and would probably be long enough to fit a guy who is even 6’5″ or 6’6″. On the other hand, the grey pants I received are not as long. In fact as I compared them out of the package, the grey pair is about 4 or 5 inches shorter than the black one. I don’t know if a larger size would give me a longer length. Also the grey one seems to be an even thinner material. When I tried them on I had to pull down on them in order to sit just on top of my Converse high tops. They fit skintight and are very shiny–again shinier than AA’s–but they just feel so thin and flimsy. I only had them on for 10 or 15 minutes and when I went to take them off the rear zipper flap became stuck in the zipper and I could not pull it down. I had to take the flap out of the zipper after the pants were off me. I also noticed that around the crotch seams there were already some of those nasty lines that form when this material gets over-stretched. After only about 10 or 15 minutes of gentle wear!

I had previously written that I was going to get these pants in each color, but after my experience with the grey pair I think I’m going to stick with only the black ones. The other colors are still great if you wear them with boots or for women or for guys who don’t have long legs. The black ones are great for everyone, though.

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Green & Burgundy Disco Pants

There is currently an ebay auction for 2 pairs of Bojeangles disco pants–one green, one burgundy. How I would love to add those 2 to my collection! Especially the green. It looks to be the shade of green I have been seeking. It is described as ’emerald’ green. Emerald green sounds like a darker shade of green to me. To me the photos suggest a brighter green such as Irish green. I have a pair in Hunter green and I don’t need another in that shade. Would love to have it!

The other in burgundy is a color I also do not have and would like to have it, too. But the seller is offering both together and at $125 is just not affordable at this time. The pants have been listed about 3 times already with no bidders so I’m hoping the price may come down or they may get listed separately. $125 for two pairs is not really bad at all–about $62 each. But I can’t do both at the moment. I would have to sell some of mine in order to raise that amount, but that may take a while as I will not sell mine all that cheap. It is interesting to note that disco pants–both vintage and modern–have all really dropped in selling price over the last year or two. It is no longer a sure bet to get $100 for a vintage pair in excellent condition. It may take a year or more to sell for that amount.

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Update on Chinese Disco Pants

I just wore the Chinese disco pants again for a little bit in order to do a photo shoot. Did I mention that they are very photogenic? They reflect light amazingly! I’m still a bit hung up on the high-riding zipper and flap, though. One thing I did not mention in the previous post is that when you put them on the crotch seems to hang a bit low and feels like it needs pulling up. Not sure why that is but I have not experienced that with AA disco pants or my vintage ones.

The main reason I am writing is to update on the areas of over-stretching that I mentioned previously. After I removed the pants I noticed the lines of over-stretching that had formed yesterday were a little longer today and were more numerous. This has to be attributed to the fact that the material is thinner than the other disco pants. I still don’t believe it’s noticeable while being worn. I mean, come on, someone would have to invade your personal space in order to observe the outstretched lines on the crotch/bum seams. However, if this trend continues to increase with each wearing then these pants may have a much shorter lifespan than others. But still, at $12 it’s so affordable that we can purchase 3 pairs and rotate them. I don’t think there is anyone who actually wears disco pants everyday, regrettably. I personally would live and die in them all things considered.

Regardless of this, I still highly recommend these pants. They are extremely comfortable and non-restricting, just like skintight exercise apparel. They may even be better during hotter weather. I notice a lot of girls on twitter complain about having chosen to wear their AA disco pants in the heat. Well, these are thinner and may provide more relief in that sense. Personally I have never been bothered by summer heat while wearing disco pants. But then again I have never been out and about in them during the summer sun. My experience of wearing them in the heat has been limited to walking short distances from a car to an air-conditioned building and back again. I imagine that if you’re wearing them for an outdoor music festival you may feel hotter (in more ways than one). On the other hand, running tights and bike shorts are made of the same materials, albeit perhaps in different ratios and usually more lightweight. Still, if we’re talking scorching summer heat there really aren’t any articles of clothing that provide relief.

Winter is another story. These pants would certainly not provide any warmth during cold weather. My personal experience is that no disco pants really provide warmth during low temperatures. One of the last times I wore one of my vintage pairs in public during winter I had a pair of lycra running tights underneath them. While it helped keep my legs warmer it did create unsightly seam lines similar to the much-maligned VPL. Another reason to live somewhere there is no cold weather!

Well, I’m not completely done writing about these disco pants. I have a few more things I’d like to say and write about them. And of course there is the ‘disco shorts’ project that I am very excited about as soon as my next pair arrives. That’s all for now.

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Chinese Disco Pant Dupes

Yesterday I received the cheap Chinese disco pants I bought on ebay. It took 12 days to arrive. I opened the package and examined the article. Originally when I used to look at these pants on ebay and other websites I was skeptical about their quality. I suspected that for that price (about $12 shipped from China!) they would not be all that great and I had even seen some really bad photos where cheaper disco pants did not have the right shine or had weird back pockets. But a fellow reader of this blog purchased a few pairs of a particular type on ebay and showed some photos. I was impressed with their fit and shine and of course their price. He did say they are thinner than AA’s pants and they certainly are.

Anyway after I pulled them out of the package I noticed they were quite shiny. Not like PVC shiny but a bit shinier than AA’s and what I would dare call ‘perfectly shiny’ as disco pants should be. I have a few vintage pairs which seem to have lost some of their shine or perhaps never had that much to begin with. In fact I have noticed discrepancies in shine among vintage disco pants of the same brand and same color. But these no-name-brand pants were very nicely shiny and even silky feeling. Yes, they did remind me a bit of the later batch of vintage disco pants that were made probably in the mid-1980’s or so–ones that fit more like leggings and have non-stretch waistbands. I had such a pair brand being Frederick’s of Hollywood and silver in color. Very silky and shiny and skintight from the waist down to the ankles, definitely a precursor to American Apparel’s offering.

Another thing that is a bit different is the pocket design. AA’s are rounded at the bottom while these resemble traditional jean patch pockets, with the 3 angles (or points) at the base of the pockets. They seem to be placed just a tad bit lower on the bum which to me is fine because, while I’m not a fan of the way-too-low rear pockets on many jeans nowadays, I do like at least a portion of them to be visible from behind. Additionally, these pants seem to have an even higher rise than AA’s. Mind you I’m comparing my size medium AA’s to this pair in size large, and I have never owned an AA pair in size large. But on this Chinese pair the entire zipper flap section seems to fit up higher than I’m used to with most of my other disco pants. It’s possible that with a size medium the rise may be shorter and the zipper flap might be lower. The truth is I will not know until I get an AA pair in size large which I still intend on eventually having.

I was not sure what size to get seeing as how this is a new product to me. I figured I would be safest with a large and it turned out to be a very good bet. The fit is perfect! But before I go on with any further praising I want to point out a few more observations. I noticed the waistband is not very stretchy unlike AA’s pants. That concerned me initially but it turned out to not be a problem. Also the hems of these pants are a little bit looser than AA’s which makes them easily fit over a pair of Converse high tops (probably Dr. Martens, too). They don’t tightly grip the ankles and I have pretty skinny ankles.

These pants have a single tag that says “L” for large. No material designation tag, no origin of manufacture tag. Just a size tag. The pants came in a ‘crunchy’ plastic bag.

Those are all the differences that I noted. Nothing major. There is no problem length-wise either. I’m over 6 feet tall with long legs and they are perfectly long enough. And at 1/7th of the cost of AA disco pants I highly recommend these not only to anyone who is curious but not sure whether disco pants is something they could pull off, but even to anyone who already has AA disco pants and is in love with them. They make for an awesome backup pair. In fact, after trying mine on twice yesterday I went ahead and bought 2 additional pairs–another black and a grey. This also means that I can now have my disco shorts made! Of course, first I have to make sure that it’s possible to convert disco pants to shorts. I’m pretty confident there should not be any issues. I’m really looking forward to this!

Here is a photo of the black ones from the ebay listing:


That’s a very accurate photo of the pants. However, I noticed that there are some inaccurate photos as well. Some of the other colors are pictured with rounded pockets which makes it seem to me that some of those photos were ‘borrowed’ from AA. These pants do not have rounded pockets. Make sure you know what you’re getting. To me the pocket shape is not an issue but if you’re going to get these to try to fool others into thinking they are from American Apparel, it may not work!

I do have one criticism of these pants. After I wore them for about 20 or 30 minutes, doing nothing more strenuous than putting on my Converse and tying them, I did notice that along some of the crotch seams were those typical lines that form when this material gets overstretched. Not a very big deal. No one is going to see that. But I don’t know how long the pants may last at this rate. This is something that happens with vintage disco pants and American Apparel pants as well so it is not unique to these. Perhaps if I ordered an XL this may not happen, but then again I don’t see any purpose in wearing disco pants that are loose. Fortunately, this price is so forgiving that you can experiment with different sizes and even different colors.

Here is the link if you want to order: Awesome Disco Pants for only $10.98

These pants are so amazing I may end up selling some of my more expensive AA disco pants and get one in each color of these!

OK a few of my own fit pictures:



So those are my photos. This post is rather long already so I may do a side-by-side comparison with the AA pants for my next one. In the meantime if you are thinking about getting disco pants get these. The look great, feel great and fit great and you can’t beat the price. As soon as I get my next black pair in the mail I will take them to the tailor and have them made into shorts. I will have a truly unique item.

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A Couple More Years Left For Disco Pants?

So are American Apparel disco pants going by the wayside? Many colors are no longer available in any size while some are available in select sizes. Also, some are currently being sold at only $43. However the most popular colors, such as black, midnight navy, charcoal & red are still at $85. And all over twitter I reads tweets from girls that say things like “Remember when disco pants were a thing” or “2012 called and wants their disco pants back.” To me that sounds like talk strictly from trend-followers with no originality. Yet there are also plenty of girls on twitter talking about wearing their disco pants and some even how much they want to get their first pair. So I don’t know but I don’t think the disco pants fashion can last more than a couple more years. In fact, when AA is no longer selling them it will be safe to say they are no longer in fashion. But of course we lovers of disco pants care nothing about that and will continue to enjoy them for years on end.

I finally ordered a pair of those cheap Chinese disco pant dupes from ebay. A fellow disco pants aficionado has ordered a few and has pretty high praise for them especially considering the price. I ordered a large in black so I hope they fit. If they do not, I have other plans for them. Then I will order a larger size up and perhaps have them taken in to make disco shorts. And I mean real shorts, not those hot pants type shorts that pass for disco shorts.

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Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

Today I wore a pair of Nudie Thin Finn jeans in Organic Dry Twill. I forget to mention sooner that I came across these at a thrift store for only $7.99 plus a 20% discount! This is a normally $179 pair of designer jeans. I was a bit concerned about their authenticity as there are plenty genuine-looking online sellers of fake Nudie Jeans. But the quality and fit of this pair leaves no room for doubt they are genuine. I actually found 3 pairs of Nudie jeans that day, but one was in heavily-used shape with rips and stains and no model-identifying tag while the other was a black Slim Jim in great condition minus some fold fade lines.

I don’t know what would cause anyone to donate 2 very good pair of Nudie jeans to goodwill. I do suspect that the original owner may have prematurely washed the jeans which led to not-so-desirable results. Nudie’s website suggests wearing their jeans for many months at a time–at least 6, I believe–before washing. And we’re talking daily wear. These 2 pairs look as though they were not worn enough yet were washed anyway. The Slim Jim’s have some color fading on what appear to be fold lines which are always nasty. The Thin Finn’s were originally raw denim but even though washed too soon are still an amazing pair of jeans. They are tagged size 33×34 but seem to have shrunk just a little. The inseam is more like 32 than 34. And I love the hems because they’re not like Levi’s 510’s hems which are so narrow. They are more like the 511 hems which allow me to wear my New Balance sneakers without suffering the ‘huge feet’ syndrome. Will definitely be adding these to my regular rotation of jeans, maybe even during summer.

This is my second pair of Thin Finns I currently own. I have had many Thin Finns before but ended up selling them all. The only other one I have is a coated black pair which has developed a nice sheen to them. Nothing like disco pants of course but a great way to get into the world of shiny pants/jeans and perhaps even a way to east the transition into wearing disco pants out and about. But my only gripe with Thin Finns is that the rear pockets are placed to low. They are advertised as having a low yoke. That makes having any items in your back pockets create discomfort while sitting because they rest under your thighs. Other than that, Thin Finns are a perfect pair of jeans with their normal (not low) waist and tight fit.

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Disco Pant Cutoffs?

Well now–I did not post at all for the month of April! How sad, as I would like to post at least once a month. But there’s been many things going on and most not good. Things may start looking though now.

Anyway, I had a thought: has anyone considered taking an old pair of disco pants (or perhaps–dare I say it–even a new pair) and cut them to make shorts? I don’t mean like the shorts that American Apparel sells as disco shorts. Those are way too short. I don’t personally like them. I mean something like real shorts that both guys and girls can wear. Cut them just above the knees or a wee bit higher. I know, I know. It pains me to consider cutting up a perfectly good pair of disco pants. It’s almost sacrilege. But there needs to be a summertime version of the disco pant and since no one is making them we may just have to do it ourselves.

At least for guys I think wearing tight shiny spandex shorts may be an easier task to handle than wearing the full pants. I know I would feel more at ease wearing a shorts-version of AA’s disco pants than I would be wearing the full length pants. I realize it’s still a challenge to wear anything skintight and shiny, but this is the 2010’s after all. I didn’t exactly live in awareness during the 1970s and early 80’s but didn’t it seem to be more laid back then? Are we regressing? What’s the deal?

Regardless, I am thinking about getting a cheap knockoff pair on ebay and taking it to a seamstress to turn them into shorts. I can’t do that myself and I don’t think it would cost that much anyway. I don’t even know if it’s possible to be done but I do not see any reason why it couldn’t. I do not think the spandex/nylon or spandex/polyester material would just unravel at the cut. And there’s no way I would use an AA pair to do this. Way too expensive and way too nice to mess around with. And of course I would not use a vintage pair.

The problem with old disco pants is not the same as with old jeans. Usually old jeans wear out and start ripping at the knees so naturally you can cut off the torn parts and turn them into shorts. With disco pants the wear always starts at the crotch and bum seams. Those are vital areas whether they are pants or shorts. I’ve never seen disco pants with holes in the knees. So trying to accomplish this project with an ‘old’ pair of disco pants probably would not be a good idea.

I bought my first pair of Levis 511 cutoff skinny shorts last summer. Other than my spandex compression shorts and bike shorts they are the tightest I currently own. I like them a lot but my weight issues tend to make me self-conscious in them and I have not worn them often. I know that disco pants-shorts would also cause me to feel that way but I just think they would be so cool! I think most people would not even really know they’re disco pant cutoffs but would naturally assume they’re biker or compression shorts. I really want to do this!

I just realized that biker and compression shorts do have bands at their hems to keep the shorts from creeping up. I wonder if creep-up would be an issue with disco pant cutoffs. That’s something I would have to find out.

Well I am going to look into this and if it’s doable and I manage to get a finished product I will certainly write about it and post a few picks here.

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