Too Cold For Disco Pants & Skinny Jeans

It’s been so cold here lately that I have not even been wearing my skinny jeans, much less any disco pants. That being said, even though today was still frigid I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my favourite pair–those Levi’s 510 I bought at a thrift store some time ago. Naturally I had to wear them with some Under Armor tights underneath which made for a very unrelenting tight fit. These Levi’s are built with spandex and after a few hours of normal wear–read no tights underneath–they loosen up a bit to the point of me telling myself that they aren’t really all that tight of a pair of pants after all. They look and feel really tight when I put them on, to the point of me asking myself whether I want to be seen in such tight jeans. Since this past autumn I’ve been answering an emphatic “YES” to that question without any regret whatsoever. Today however, the pants remained skintight from the time I put them on till the time I took them off. And that also led to some familiar feelings of self-consciousness and regretful-wearing which I had not experienced in these jeans in quite some time. Again most likely the reason for the long-lasting tightness was due to the necessary Under Armor tights I wore. But another reason may be that I gained a little weight over the last month or so. Not good. And the self-consciousness? Well, let that be a lesson to us all. Once you stop wearing something you work up the courage to wear on a regular basis, you may find yourself in an uphill battle to overcome the obstacles once again.

But it was good today. I wore my favorite Levi’s 510 and my Emu sheepskin boots. I know that some people found themselves doing double takes and staring at me. I can only hope they enjoyed the sight! And some good news is that temperatures will be on the rise soon around here. That means that soon enough I will be wearing 510’s and my various other skinny jeans whenever I go out. Lately I’ve only been wearing fleece pants which are warm and quite comfortable. And also either boots or some waterproof high top sneakers. But I cannot wait to start rocking my skinny jeans and Converse again!

Nothing much happening in the disco pants realm. I now have 6 pairs of AA disco pants all in different colors. There are a few more I would like to get. I am looking to get a couple of the really cheaper versions out there and do side-by-side comparisons (per request) of quality, etc. I will say this though: AA disco pants are sooooooo nice.

Recently I parted with 2 vintage pairs from my collection. They happen to be 2 that I’ve had for a while yet never wore. Not that wearing them is a qualification for retaining them in my possession. But I needed some funds and another big disco pants aficionado wanted to buy them. And I’m really loving my newly made pairs from Coveted Obsessions.

I’m still concerned about American Apparel slowly phasing out their disco pant. I want to get a brown, a royal blue and maybe menthe before that happens. And a few of those 2-tone ones. And of course a couple of black ones. I find that when I wear them with my tall Emu boots no one can really tell whether they’re AA’s leggings style disco pants or the vintage straight leg cut. There is a little bit of a giveaway around the knees and just above the tops of the boots. The vintage ones tend to drape around those areas whereas the modern ones show no slack.

I may be coming into another vintage pair soon. It’s a color that I neither have had nor have seen. But it is one of my favourite brands and I’m excited about it.

That’s all for now.

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A Little History of Jonden Disco Pants

In my never-ending pursuit of information regarding disco pants, I came across this regarding the Jonden brand of the vintage wear:

Linda Leal founded Jonden in 1981. In the early years, the company was driven solely by Linda’s keen sense of fashion and creative approach to traditional designs. Relying on the popularity of Spandex pants, she launched the Jonden fashion line.

The brand name was based on Linda’s children’s names–Jon and Denise. I had thought Jonden was a Swedish company but based on this info it was American and based in New York. More importantly, since the company was founded in 1981, all Jonden disco pants are from 1981 or later. Thus, there is no such thing as Jonden disco pants from the 1970s. That’s good to know! I have 4 pairs of Jonden pants and I can safely say they are all from the 80’s. Too bad they no longer make them. I really love the silky smooth material of 2 of the pairs I have and the lower placement of the rear pockets. Also the extra stretchy waistband. Those were definitely unique characteristics of Jonden’s disco pants and the reasons why they remain a favorite of mine.

Something else I must mention though I had not planned on it–I am watching “Too Close For Comfort” as I write this and the character of Sarah played by Lydia Cornell was wearing what appeared to be a skintight black pair of disco pants. The episode is titled “Mr. Christmas” and is from December 16, 1982. Before everyone gets excited I must write that her pants were not disco pants. The camera focused plenty on her and her pants and there were no pockets. In fact, as she claimed they were part of her ski outfit. I’ve never seen any skier wear pants like that! They looked like shiny lycra running tights. Her dad told her that her outfit ‘leaves little to the imagination’ and that she should ‘take it off and burn it.’ LOL. It’s worth watching if you can find it online.

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Super Smooth & Shiny Jonden Disco Pants

No new instances of seeing disco pants on TV lately but I do have some other news.

Recently I came into a pair of vintage Jonden disco pants in red. Jonden’s pants have always been a little different from the Le Gambi’s, Frederick’s, Bojeangles & Michi’s. Good different. The rear pockets placed lower and with a pointed base. The waistband being super stretchy. The material being super smooth and extra shiny.

Of course there are a couple of things I would consider changing. Jonden always used nylon zippers unlike the metal ones of the other brands. In one sense it is good because the entire zipper assembly including the teeth and pull tab can be the exact same color as the pants themselves. On the other hand, being plastic means it’s more susceptible to breaking. But that is not an issue I’ve ever had so it’s not an argument I can fully support.

Another possible change would be the material. Even though the material on this red one (and my white Jonden’s) is so silky smooth and shinier when I look at them it does seem just a tad bit lighter weight than the others. I would love it if they were a bit thicker. Due its slight thinness it damages more easily and it has some areas that I fear are irreparable. It also has many areas of loose or broken stitching which I will get repaired. This was an absolute treasure of a find and I do hope that I can come across more Jonden pairs of disco pants. Here’s a photo just to show how shiny they really are.


Stunning pair of disco pants!

In other news I picked up a pair of American Apparel’s disco pants in Pearl. Price was really cheap and I should be getting it any day now. Also picked up a pair in Charcoal and another in Silver. I’m getting these for very inexpensive prices and very glad to do so. That will bring my total in AA disco pants to 5, though I may decide to give one away as a gift.

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More Disco Pants on TV & Guys

Just tonight as I was watching “WKRP in Cincinnati” on television, the character Venus Flytrap (played by Tim Reid) appeared in an outfit that included spandex disco pants. The pants appeared to be gold-colored but I’m not completely sure. This episode is called “Changes” and is from January 27, 1982 and fortunately is on YouTube! Here it is:

Can you confirm the color of his pants? They are not very tight-fitting on him, at least not compared to the disco pants on those Brothers Johnson band videos that I posted here in the past; nor are they anywhere as tight as I wear mine. Or even as tight as Menudo wore theirs. But it’s great to see nonetheless. Venus is now the second character on this show who has worn disco pants. Oddly enough both characters were male, with the other being Johnny Fever. Also this is the fourth episode of the show to feature anyone wearing them. Pretty cool!

Something else cool that I came across recently was this:


That’s Frank Zappa wearing purple disco pants! That photo is from 1980 and can be found right on his wikipedia page. I am not at all a Zappa fan in more ways than one, but the fact that he wore disco pants makes him cool and admirable in my book.

Another find I happened across was this modern-day guy wearing gold disco pants:

B7PccJKCIAI25jX.jpg large

It’s really good to see guys start to pick up on the disco pants. I love the disco pants/leather jacket combination. I’m assuming these that he is wearing are the modern American Apparel variety but it does not matter. All that matters is that guys start incorporating this amazing article of clothing into their wardrobes and everyday wear. In this photo his pants are looking a bit loose. It seems to be a bit of a pattern with guys choosing not to wear disco pants skintight. Oh well, I’m just glad they are wearing them. I am more than happy to be the guy who wears them skintight if no others choose to do so.

Recently I purchased a brand new AA disco pant in midnight navy for less than $25 on ebay! I’ve written about this before but I do not know where these sellers are getting all these brand new pairs of AA disco pants that they’re selling on ebay. Truth be told, as long as I can continue to get them for $25 or $30 I will not be asking any questions!

Finally, something else I have written about before: Sandy’s supposed ‘disco pants’ in the movie “Grease.” The movie was made in 1978 and Olivia Newton-John stated that the pants were 25 years old at the time. That means they were from the 1950’s. We know that there was no such thing as disco pants in the 50’s. They started to be seen in 1978, and probably as a direct result of this movie. Here’s a very close shot of the front of Sandy’s pants:


Clearly there is no zipper or button on these pants. The pants in fact did have a zipper but Olivia has stated that it broke, thus the pants had to be sewn shut on her. So that’s what we see in the photo. No zipper, no button. Just what appears to be a seam where the zipper should be and a belt buckle type fastener at the top. Probably safe to assume there were no back pockets either but I would love to find a photo to verify that.

So once and for all, ‘Sandy’s’ pants were not disco pants! They most likely led to the creation of actual disco pants but I will have to conduct more research on that. Olivia herself has said that her pants were some sort of a sharkskin material and she should know whether it’s sharkskin or nylon & spandex. The sheen on her pants was definitely an inspiration for what would become actual spandex disco pants.

Well, this post was kind of all over the place, but that keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?

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More Disco Pants on Guys for 2015

I wish to start my first post of 2015 with a great photo I came across online:


I created a Twitter account recently in order to send positive vibes to the world about disco pants. And this is a photo I found from last night’s festivities. How great to see both a girl and a guy wearing disco pants–probably American Apparel’s. That is certainly what I want to see more of. I want more guys to embrace disco pants and not give a damn what the fearful, boring, conformists out there think. You have to admit the guy in the photo looks absolutely great in those disco pants. Notwithstanding, the outfit would look better with Converse or Vans sneakers or Dr. Martens boots. But if guys in disco pants were to become more commonplace society in general would be more accepting of it. Funny how things work, eh? Things that are scarce or obscure or unusual are either treasured or despised or ridiculed. Things that considered ‘everyday’ are accepted or considered no big deal or even ignored. I only seek to have disco pants on guys considered no big deal.

Look how far we’ve come with guys in skinny jeans. There are plenty of closed-minded folks who still do not like that, and feel a need to proclaim it loud all over the web. But many guys have embraced it and are now wearing skinny jeans. Several years ago when I started wearing skinny jeans it was rare to see another guy wearing them. Now wherever I go I see at the very least one. That same sort of mindset that allowed so many guys to wear something that many other guys and even girls ridiculed needs to be implemented in order for disco pants on guys to take off. Will it happen? I don’t know but it will certainly be an uphill battle.

As for me, I hope to wear my disco pants collection more than the meager 10 times I did so  in 2014. I’d like to make a goal of wearing them at least once somewhere other than church. I guess technically I have already done that. After a Sunday service once I walked with some of the other guys to a nearby store to buy some lottery. I blogged about this day on my post titled “26 & Counting”.  I believe it was the most anyone outside of church has seen of me in disco pants.

But I want to make it less of an anomaly and more of commonplace thing. The goal is to have people see me and think “oh, that’s the guy who wears shiny, tight pants.” I want the novelty, the shock-value of disco pants on a guy to wear off. I want it to become normal–as skinny jeans have become.

I will end today’s post with another instance of disco pants on television. There is a current show called “Pretty Little Liars” with a character named Hanna. In an episode called “A is for A-L-I-V-E” from June 2013, Hanna Marin (played by Ashley Benson) is wearing cranberry red AA disco pants. I have briefly looked for any video of scenes where she is wearing this but to no avail yet. I’ll leave you with a few stills.


hanna-marin-and-equipment-makeup-print-mina-tie-front-blouse-gallery (1)                           9c42cc304998d173d07f29cfad1bc842

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AA Disco Pants Really Great After All

So last evening I was wearing the AA disco pants for a bit. As tiny-looking and skintight as they appear, they sure are a super comfortable pair of pants. I was thinking they would be completely appropriate to wear to a party or a gathering at some friend’s place. They’re great for sitting on the floor in, too. No movement issues at all. Of course, I think the smallest pair I can fit into is a medium. The last size small that I tried getting into was a charcoal pair I bought on ebay. I tried putting them on but I gave up seeing there was no way I could get them up and buttoned/zipped without damaging them. Funny though, my small pair in black that I gave to my girl friend used to fit me fine. That pair was from 2009. Perhaps they are making them smaller now.

This medium that I still have I bought in late 2008 so they are 6 years old now. It was from the time that AA first started selling these pants. And I noticed yesterday when I had them on that around the seam in the crotch area it is starting to thin out. Mind you I have never worn these pants anywhere in public. I have just worn them for a few hours at a time at home whenever I’ve had the urge to do some photo shoots. So I’m a bit disappointed that they are starting to ‘crap out’ without ever having had the privilege of being worn out in public. That’s why I would like to get some more pairs before AA stops selling them, which I do suspect may be sooner than later as there already are certain colors/sizes that are no longer available. I have come to deeply appreciate AA’s modernized version of the disco pant over the years, but I would still feel less confident wearing them than the vintage ones. They still suffer from the tights/leggings syndrome which I am not against but fully embrace. It’s just a little more difficult to match up tops and shoes with leggings-style pants.

While we’re on the subject of AA disco pants, a reader of this blog has sent photos of his 3-tone disco pants for us to see. Here they are:






Looks great! They are certainly high-shine and the colors on the sides give the pants a bit of an athletic look to them. These and the 2-tones are very nice. Personally I would stay away from the printed ones. Those do nothing for me. The patterns seem to take away from the shine element of the pants which just destroys the concept of disco pants. If AA wants to start dropping their disco pants line they can start with the printed ones.

Well, that’s all for now. You can tell I’m going through a major spell of disco pants obsession lately as I have been blogging frequently about it.

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Disco Pants on “The Big Bang Theory” TV Show

Lately I have been on another frantic internet search for disco pants. Not necessarily to buy any but more along the lines of finding photos, tv programs and movies where they may have been worn. And I found a real unexpected treasure yesterday.

I don’t watch much modern programming on television. I just don’t care for much of anything it has to offer. However there is a current program titled “The Big Bang Theory” on network television, and there was an episode from 2010 where one of the main characters was wearing vintage disco pants!

This episode is titled “The Einstein Approximation” from early 2010. This is only a clip of the show and features a character named Howard wearing disco pants. He is not just wearing them as a fashion statement but rather because he and his friends were at a roller skating rink. I have not seen the whole half-hour show but in this clip above it is pretty obvious to me that Howard is wearing 2 different outfits. In the scenes back home he is wearing a greyish pair of disco pants and a sequined blue top, while in the scene at the rink he is wearing purple disco pants and a multi-colored top. Neither pair looks like American Apparel’s leggings-style disco pants. I will try to catch the entire episode wherever I can.

The point of course is that it is absolutely great to see a male character wearing spandex disco pants on national television. I would hope to see that catch on with more guys. But that particular episode was from over 4 years ago and I have not seen any change for the better. Furthermore, not being familiar with the show or the characters, my impression of Howard is that he is not the coolest or best-looking guy around. That could equate with disco pants being seen as a not-so-cool-item. It is great nonetheless to have something like that shown on such a large scale platform. It certainly introduces the idea that disco pants can be worn by guys, too. Here is a still of Howard in purple pants:


Any thoughts on this show or the pants Howard wore? Were any of you familiar with this episode? Was this perhaps the only instance of a male wearing disco pants on a TV show in the 2000’s? Comment below!

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