Not-So-Good News

A couple of items of note that I would not consider to be good news.

First, I tried on my white Jonden disco pants last night in order to do some photo shoots. As I have mentioned before they are clearly the tightest pair of disco pants I have. And the hardest to put on. But my, are they the silkiest smoothest ones in my collection! And one of the shiniest! I seriously believe that they are as tight if not tighter than the one Dorit Stevens is wearing in this clip from “The Jeffersons” from 1981:

Dorit Stevens’ Disco Pants 1981

I knew getting them on would be a huge undertaking. The last time I put them on I had just gotten a new zipper installed. After quite a long time of struggling to zip them up, I felt like I had accomplished something great. And I took plenty of photos but not enough. The zipper is always the hardest part on these pants. The waist band is the stretchiest of all disco pants I have come across so no problem there. But last evening as I was struggling to zip them up the zipper pull tab broke off with the pants only a quarter to a third zipped up!   Not only that but they keep zipping down slowly. So I had to take as many photos as quickly as I could before they completely zipped down. But they never did fully zip down and you know why? Because the zipped teeth separated just below the zipper mechanism. So now I will have to have that zipper replace AGAIN if I have intentions of ever wearing them anymore.

I was disappointed but those pants are just incredible. Their shine, they way they completely hug the legs from the knees on up. Their smooth feel. Their comfort. Many of my other skintight disco pants are waist-killers. Their waistbands are small and/or have little stretch so they end up hurting after a short time of wearing them. But these have no such problem. I certainly wish I could get my hands on more of these.

In other news, it really seems that the modern disco pants sensation is wearing off. Twitter has much fewer tweets about spandex disco pants. You will still find plenty of tweets with the phrase ‘disco pants’  in them but they will usually be ignorant uses by people who have no idea what real disco pants are (mostly men).

I see a lot of tweets from girls in Brazil about disco pants. Seems disco pants have become a hot thing there in recent times. But as far as the US and UK go, it seems to be dying out. There are still many disco pants bashers (mostly women) who criticize the pants as being “so 2012 or 2013”. As if that were such a different time or so long ago. I label such people as completely mindless trend-followers who would were a boot on their heads if their favorite celebrity idols were doing so.

But to we disco pants purists and enthusiasts there is no such thing as disco pants going out of style. Not that we care even. The wonderful thing about this new wave of disco pants fashion that American Apparel introduced in 2009 is that plenty of women fell in love with this article of clothing they never knew existed before. They continue to wear them and probably will for quite some time. This has also brought forth many bolder guys who have chosen to wear them. Mind you, I have never seen any guys around where I live (and I live in a huge city) wearing disco pants. And I still have only seen one girl around here wearing them, not including the 4 that I have given disco pants to.

One of the girls I gave AA disco pants to really loves them and soon she will be getting another pair. I’m hoping to get some photos of us together in our disco pants. I think that would be the ultimate cool.

The ebay seller that I was getting those really cheap Chinese disco pants from apparently no longer has them for sale. I can’t imagine that they have all been sold. I had been frantically looking on ebay for those and I can’t find them. There are plenty being sold from the UK. In fact, I would say that there are more disco pants sellers from the UK than from the US. And they have some really nice ones but the currency conversion makes their price and then also the shipping on top unaffordable for me at this time. Fortunately, I have found what I believe to be those very same cheap disco pants based on the photos and title on Still about $10 or $11 with free shipping. Stock up now!

So what do you all think? Are disco pants on the wane? With all this talk of AA and its bankruptcy will their disco pants soon be gone forever? I wrote before that many of the other copycat brands of disco pants had already stopped selling theirs several years ago. There is still boohoo. Seem to be more exclusively in the UK. Not sure what will happen but it bears watching.

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Disco Pants Wedding Outfit

So I wore my spandex disco pants to the wedding. My trusty black Bojeangles. And I think I was the best-dressed there! Well, even had I worn red disco pants with a black t-shirt and white sneakers I would have considered myself the best-dressed. I’m partial to disco pants as you know. But it went well and I felt comfortable and stylish in my outfit. There is no doubt in my mind that I was the only person there wearing shiny disco pants.

There were no comments or anything that I heard but I am sure some people who didn’t know me were a bit mystified at the sight of my spandex pants. I’m also confident that most people didn’t know they were actually disco pants. I was hoping to find some photos online–you know, the random ‘guy wearing shiny pants’ or ‘dude wearing spandex pants’ type thing on Twitter or Facebook or just about anywhere else online. But I haven’t come across anything yet. Not that it matters but it’s always interesting to see comments that people write. You might remember that quite some time ago I posted some photos of these pants on me online and asked for opinions on how they looked. The overwhelming response was mostly positive and surprisingly there was plenty of positive feedback that came from females.

I just can’t get over how really versatile disco pants are, particularly the vintage cut variety but not exclusively. Even the modern super skinny (leggings-fit) type is amazingly versatile, especially for women. For guys, the modern disco pant looks best in a casual sense, paired optimally with canvas sneakers, Ugg-style boots or Dr. Martens. But the vintage cut pants go with everything. In fact, this is the first time I have worn them with Italian-made shiny dress shoes–the kind that when you walk everyone can hear you–and they looked great together! In the past I have only worn disco pants with Converse sneakers or Dr. Martens boots. I’ve also paired them with some Nike high tops and Vans slip on boots. Some pairings are better than others and ultimately I prefer them with the Converse sneakers and the Dr. Martens.

If I had a navy blue blazer I could have paired it with my midnight navy disco pants and that could have been another outfit consideration. I’m not sure there are any other colors I could really consider wearing for a wedding. Perhaps dark grey would work but I don’t happen to have disco pants in such a color nor have I ever seen any. The closest I have come is American Apparel’s disco pants in charcoal. I’ve seen other brands make them in a color labelled ‘pewter’ and for the most part online they look virtually black. I would have to see them in person. However, their fit is of the modern type and I don’t think I could rock them for a wedding.

And speaking of weddings, I found this photo of a bride wearing disco pants in a very casual wedding environment:















Those disco pants look great but those high heels, my oh my! I’ll never come to terms with understanding why women wear shoes like that.

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Which Ones Are AA Disco Pants?

Just for fun this evening I tried on 3 different pants and I took some photos and I ask you readers if you can tell which one of the photos is of American Apparel disco pants. Here they are:

DSC04453 (2) DSC04454 DSC04455

So left, middle or right? Which ones are AA disco pants?

Speaking of AA disco pants, my pair has the dreaded white elastic fibers poking through on the crotch area. Funny, I’ve never even worn these pants. Just here and there for photo shoots. But they are my very first pair of AA’s from 2008. But I do need to get another pair. I am a huge fan of them even if they do fit like leggings. Just tuck them inside some tall Ugg boots or another type and no one will know if you’re wearing them or vintage, straight leg ones.

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Disco Pants Workout & Disco Pants Hate

All around the web I read girls/women that say see other girls/women go to the gym in disco pants. Either that or they say that they themselves will wear disco pants to the gym. I imagine that in most cases it’s a matter of not being able to distinguish between AA’s pants and shiny lycra running tights. I doubt most anyone would wear the thick AA pants to go work out in. I personally don’t recommend it either. You don’t want to get $80 pants all sweaty. Isn’t that how rusty zippers go about happening? Furthermore the very fact that they are thicker means that that they will make you hotter and you will sweat more in them. However, if you get some of the cheap dupes out there, they are a lot thinner and you might be able to use them to work out in. At the end of the day it’s still a matter of do you want to get your disco pants all sweaty no matter how much you paid for them. Personally, the only reason I would accept for getting my spandex disco pants sweaty is from playing live music in a band setting.

Now in the case that some people actually do wear or want to wear shiny disco pants to the gym, I will admit that they are a very comfortable option for making plenty of movements in. And for the most part, no one will really know that they are disco pants. Except me. You can’t fool my disco pants radar. I imagine that anyone considering throwing their disco pants out–perish the thought!–could find a second life for them at the gym. Because to tell you the truth I still haven’t found ANY disco pants at the thrift stores I go to. Not vintage ones, not AA ones not other brands of modern ones. So they are still a rare item. Of course I only go to thrift stores on average about once or twice a week. And I honestly don’t have the patience to go through all the racks of women’s pants in order to find any. Or actually the people who go with me don’t have the patience to wait for me to go through all the racks of women’s pants. Funny thing is, I used to be very hesitant to look at women’s clothing in these stores. Now I don’t care anymore. I see plenty of women always going through the men’s racks and they don’t care. Thus, neither do I care anymore about being seen going through the women’s clothing racks.

Another thing I see a lot on the web are younger girls/women making statements like “Disco pants are so 2012.” Or “Disco pants belong back in 2013.” I know it shouldn’t but that kind of talk angers me. Why? Because I’m passionate about disco pants, naturally. But the reason I should not let it bother me is because the ones saying these things are nothing more than trend-followers who wear what celebrities tell them to wear. That’s all they are. When their favorite celeb’s stop wearing a certain item of clothing then they must stop, too.  I hate to use the term but they are nothing more than sheeple. They don’t really like or dislike anything. They are followers in the ultimate sense of the word. They never really liked disco pants in the first place. They only got a pair because Demi Lovato wore them at her concerts. Or they saw their favorite actress-idol on a TV show wearing them. Once those icons of Hollywood stops wearing them they do too and try to pretend they cannot believe they wore disco pants “all those years ago.” Even worse are the ones who command others to not wear disco pants at this late year of 2015! Talk about fashion nazis. They cannot think for themselves yet here they are trying to tell others what to wear or what not to wear. But that’s how sheeple are, aren’t they? Just obey orders and pass them along to others without ever questioning. Incredibly annoying. I believe these are people who suffer from celebrity-worship syndrome and lack any self-confidence from within. Their facade of self-confidence is derived from the exterior in the form of material goods. I would daresay these individuals have nothing going for themselves but their pretty faces and trim bodies. And we all know how long those things last.

I see plenty of girls/women particularly on Twitter who tweet about getting their first pair of disco pants now! Yes, in 2015. I read some who are saving up to get a pair. This is not a dead trend. Disco pants are alive and well. Sure, they may have reached their peak in 2012-13 but AA introduced them in 2008 and here they are still going strong in 2015. The period of 2012-13 was when all the sheeple got theirs. The authentic folk got theirs early on, as I did, or are getting them now or are still wearing them after the peak period.

I also blame the negativity mostly on teeny high school girls who are nothing short of fickle-minded and immature. But that is not to completely exonerate college-age and later 20-somethings who still have a high school mentality. My attitude is let people wear whatever the hell they want whether you like it or not. Well, ‘let’ is not a good word since they don’t really have the power to allow or disallow. How about just ‘keep your hateful authoritarian opinions to yourself instead of publishing them for the world to see.’ Disco pants rock and are here to stay. So get over it and go look for your next trend to follow, which you most certainly will bash once your celebrity-gods tell you to do so.

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Chinese Disco Pants Size XL

My 2 Chinese disco pants finally came in yesterday and I was glad for it. My first pair of black ones has those overstretched lines that develop on the crotch seam and are getting longer each time I put the pants on. My 2nd pair has a busted zipper. So I welcomed my 3rd pair in large as well as my 1st pair in X-large.

Upon someone’s advice I ordered an XL and I’m pretty happy with the result. I figure since it is somewhat looser it should last longer. It does fit a little looser around the crotch, bum and knees but still a skintight fit as it should be. I’m pretty sure I will have shorts made out of an XL pair. I have to make sure to order a few more pairs. Hey, at this price you cannot lose, right? When American Apparel lowers the price on their black ones to about $30 then I’ll get some of them, too.

I’m not sure if I will get the other colors this Chinese vendor has. As I learned when I got the grey ones, they are noticeably thinner, shorter and tighter fitting when compared to the same size in black. Here are photos from the seller:



The top photos are of the actual pants they sell and you will get when you buy. The bottom photos, though on their ebay page, are clearly American Apparel’s disco pants as evidenced by the rounded pockets and their higher placement. I guess they have no reservations about using AA’s photos even though it is not the exact product they are selling.

Regardless, if I were a girl I would buy these up in every color and just wear them all the time. I mean why even wear any other kind of pants? The occasional skinny jean or jegging is fine. But these are great for spring, summer and fall. For winter I would just get some leather leggings.

On my black size large I measured the rise to be 13 inches. That is pretty darn long and if you do manage to wear them all the way up, the button and zipper tend to sit way up high which worn with a longer top tends to give the impression that you’re wearing regular shiny leggings or lycra tights. Were it not for the pockets. As I wrote they are positioned somewhat lower on the back as compared to AA’s so they are more visible on the behind.

I still highly recommend these pants. Don’t get them absolutely skintight though because they will not last. Any size you get will be a little difficult to get your feet through but from then on it should not be a struggle to pull them up and button/zip them. If it is they are too tight and will probably last only one wearing. I would not dare go to a size medium at this time. I will stick with large and X-large. I may try one more pair in a different color but in size XL just to see how the fit compares. Probably go with royal blue.

Here’s a measurement chart they provide:


That’s all for now.

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Disco Pants to a Wedding?

I may have a wedding to attend sometime in the near future. It will not not be one of those typical church wedding & reception celebration type deals. It will most likely be an all-church event with the service and celebration taking place in the one locale. And obviously if I am able to attend I am seriously considering wearing my disco pants along with a jacket, shirt and tie. The couple getting married know me and they have seen me wearing disco pants on several if not many occasions. If not the disco pants then at the very least my 7 For All Mankind Rocker jeans which are resin-coated and as a result very shiny and also very tight. They are not as shiny as disco pants but they are the shiniest coated/waxed jeans I have ever seen and they have a leather-look to them.

So what do you all think about wearing disco pants to a friend’s wedding? An acquaintance of mine who also loves disco pants believes it depends on the environment and formalness/casualness of the wedding. And mainly she says that you don’t want to take attention away from the bride & groom because this is their special occasion. As far as the environment goes, it’s very familiar to the bride, groom and me. I think we may even consider the place to be a second home. It will be a formal indoor church wedding, and I would be nothing more than a guest. But there would still be this air of casualness to it just because it’s two church members getting married. Does that make sense? For example, if you get invited to a co-worker’s marriage you realize that you will not know most people there. So you play it safe and dress conservatively. On the other hand, when it’s someone from your family or small-ish church where you know pretty much everyone, you feel more relaxed and you might want to try to be yourself more. Especially when it will be held at a place you go to at least once a week. And even more so because most of the people there will not be freaked out by what you’re wearing since they’ve seen you wear that many time before. (I did mention a while ago that since I started wearing disco pants so often to that place that when I skipped wearing them for whatever reason I was getting asked why I wasn’t wearing them!)

So would I be taking attention away from the bride and groom with my disco pants? I don’t think I would. I would be wearing black ones and most likely not the tightest ones I have. And as I have already stated, the bride and groom know very well that disco pants are a part of my wardrobe, not something I’m pulling out of thin air all of sudden to thrust attention to myself. In fact I feel that I could even message them beforehand and ask if they would be all right with me wearing disco pants. For them I think the most important thing is that I’m there commemorating the day with them. Of course there will be people there who I don’t know and who don’t know me so they might freak out and stare and gawk and giggle and think ‘what the hell is that guy wearing?’ And that’s something they can discuss with the bride or groom afterwards.

But this is something I am seriously considering and I am intent on wearing either them or my shiny Rocker jeans. I think I would be more physically comfortable in the disco pants because the Rocker jeans are a lot less forgiving when it comes to stretchiness. Their shine is also more subtle, requiring the right angle of light to strike them, whereas with disco pants it is very rare for them to not to put on display some form of their glossiness.

Wearing disco pants at this event would rank in the top 3 for being around the most people while wearing disco pants for me. I wore them on one occasion where I was playing in a band with an audience of many young people; another occasion was an outdoor Halloween party with a lot of trick-or-treaters coming by. The wedding would one of the 3 biggest events.

And just so we’re on the same page–I would wear one of my vintage, straight-leg cut disco pants, not the skinny, modern AA kind. I know that the skinny version would command even more attention and I’m not quite ready for that yet.

I think I’m gonna do this! But I’d like to know what you readers think.

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Chinese Disco Pants Dupes Update

So I tried on both cheapie disco pants on again tonight for some photos. I mentioned the grey ones are shorter than the black ones and here’s how they look on:


I’m wearing running sneakers in the photos just to show the shortness of the pants. I know it’s not too bad. They’re a little bit better with Converse high tops and Dr. Martens boots but still feel somewhat lacking in length. If I haven’t already said it these pants are super comfortable and look great. I don’t know why guys who wear leggings or meggings don’t choose to wear these pants. (Speaking of meggings–I don’t know why they make them with side panels. That seems and looks a little weird to me. I would just opt to wear these leggings-style disco pants and no one would be the wiser).

I also tried my 2nd pair of black ones on again tonight. The button came off! That leads me to mention that the button on these pants is not sewn on or pressed on as they are on higher quality disco pants. On these it seems to be just inserted into a small hole in the material and if that hole is too big the button will come out. Fortunately, I inserted it back in its hole and it stayed it place as I wore the pants for a little bit.

I also had a little bit of trouble with the zipper. It seems to have unzipped below the pull tab as I was wearing the pants. I had to remove the pants, readjust one side that had misaligned and zip it back down. After that I put the pants back on, buttoned and zipped without any problems. Despite these things I still love these pants, still highly recommend them and will purchase more. As someone suggested I may try a size XL just to see how it fits.

I might recommend to anyone who buys them to replace the button and zipper but after all that the pants may end up costing double or more. Still not a bad deal but a great money saver if you can do that yourself.

On a final note, it does seem that American Apparel no longer has the 3-tone disco pants for sale. At least not online. I do not know when this happened but I just checked today and they don’t sell them anymore. Just the regular disco pants, the 2-tone and the prints. Long live disco pants.

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