A Couple More Years Left For Disco Pants?

So are American Apparel disco pants going by the wayside? Many colors are no longer available in any size while some are available in select sizes. Also, some are currently being sold at only $43. However the most popular colors, such as black, midnight navy, charcoal & red are still at $85. And all over twitter I reads tweets from girls that say things like “Remember when disco pants were a thing” or “2012 called and wants their disco pants back.” To me that sounds like talk strictly from trend-followers with no originality. Yet there are also plenty of girls on twitter talking about wearing their disco pants and some even how much they want to get their first pair. So I don’t know but I don’t think the disco pants fashion can last more than a couple more years. In fact, when AA is no longer selling them it will be safe to say they are no longer in fashion. But of course we lovers of disco pants care nothing about that and will continue to enjoy them for years on end.

I finally ordered a pair of those cheap Chinese disco pant dupes from ebay. A fellow disco pants aficionado has ordered a few and has pretty high praise for them especially considering the price. I ordered a large in black so I hope they fit. If they do not, I have other plans for them. Then I will order a larger size up and perhaps have them taken in to make disco shorts. And I mean real shorts, not those hot pants type shorts that pass for disco shorts.

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Nudie Jeans Thin Finn

Today I wore a pair of Nudie Thin Finn jeans in Organic Dry Twill. I forget to mention sooner that I came across these at a thrift store for only $7.99 plus a 20% discount! This is a normally $179 pair of designer jeans. I was a bit concerned about their authenticity as there are plenty genuine-looking online sellers of fake Nudie Jeans. But the quality and fit of this pair leaves no room for doubt they are genuine. I actually found 3 pairs of Nudie jeans that day, but one was in heavily-used shape with rips and stains and no model-identifying tag while the other was a black Slim Jim in great condition minus some fold fade lines.

I don’t know what would cause anyone to donate 2 very good pair of Nudie jeans to goodwill. I do suspect that the original owner may have prematurely washed the jeans which led to not-so-desirable results. Nudie’s website suggests wearing their jeans for many months at a time–at least 6, I believe–before washing. And we’re talking daily wear. These 2 pairs look as though they were not worn enough yet were washed anyway. The Slim Jim’s have some color fading on what appear to be fold lines which are always nasty. The Thin Finn’s were originally raw denim but even though washed too soon are still an amazing pair of jeans. They are tagged size 33×34 but seem to have shrunk just a little. The inseam is more like 32 than 34. And I love the hems because they’re not like Levi’s 510’s hems which are so narrow. They are more like the 511 hems which allow me to wear my New Balance sneakers without suffering the ‘huge feet’ syndrome. Will definitely be adding these to my regular rotation of jeans, maybe even during summer.

This is my second pair of Thin Finns I currently own. I have had many Thin Finns before but ended up selling them all. The only other one I have is a coated black pair which has developed a nice sheen to them. Nothing like disco pants of course but a great way to get into the world of shiny pants/jeans and perhaps even a way to east the transition into wearing disco pants out and about. But my only gripe with Thin Finns is that the rear pockets are placed to low. They are advertised as having a low yoke. That makes having any items in your back pockets create discomfort while sitting because they rest under your thighs. Other than that, Thin Finns are a perfect pair of jeans with their normal (not low) waist and tight fit.

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Disco Pant Cutoffs?

Well now–I did not post at all for the month of April! How sad, as I would like to post at least once a month. But there’s been many things going on and most not good. Things may start looking though now.

Anyway, I had a thought: has anyone considered taking an old pair of disco pants (or perhaps–dare I say it–even a new pair) and cut them to make shorts? I don’t mean like the shorts that American Apparel sells as disco shorts. Those are way too short. I don’t personally like them. I mean something like real shorts that both guys and girls can wear. Cut them just above the knees or a wee bit higher. I know, I know. It pains me to consider cutting up a perfectly good pair of disco pants. It’s almost sacrilege. But there needs to be a summertime version of the disco pant and since no one is making them we may just have to do it ourselves.

At least for guys I think wearing tight shiny spandex shorts may be an easier task to handle than wearing the full pants. I know I would feel more at ease wearing a shorts-version of AA’s disco pants than I would be wearing the full length pants. I realize it’s still a challenge to wear anything skintight and shiny, but this is the 2010’s after all. I didn’t exactly live in awareness during the 1970s and early 80’s but didn’t it seem to be more laid back then? Are we regressing? What’s the deal?

Regardless, I am thinking about getting a cheap knockoff pair on ebay and taking it to a seamstress to turn them into shorts. I can’t do that myself and I don’t think it would cost that much anyway. I don’t even know if it’s possible to be done but I do not see any reason why it couldn’t. I do not think the spandex/nylon or spandex/polyester material would just unravel at the cut. And there’s no way I would use an AA pair to do this. Way too expensive and way too nice to mess around with. And of course I would not use a vintage pair.

The problem with old disco pants is not the same as with old jeans. Usually old jeans wear out and start ripping at the knees so naturally you can cut off the torn parts and turn them into shorts. With disco pants the wear always starts at the crotch and bum seams. Those are vital areas whether they are pants or shorts. I’ve never seen disco pants with holes in the knees. So trying to accomplish this project with an ‘old’ pair of disco pants probably would not be a good idea.

I bought my first pair of Levis 511 cutoff skinny shorts last summer. Other than my spandex compression shorts and bike shorts they are the tightest I currently own. I like them a lot but my weight issues tend to make me self-conscious in them and I have not worn them often. I know that disco pants-shorts would also cause me to feel that way but I just think they would be so cool! I think most people would not even really know they’re disco pant cutoffs but would naturally assume they’re biker or compression shorts. I really want to do this!

I just realized that biker and compression shorts do have bands at their hems to keep the shorts from creeping up. I wonder if creep-up would be an issue with disco pant cutoffs. That’s something I would have to find out.

Well I am going to look into this and if it’s doable and I manage to get a finished product I will certainly write about it and post a few picks here.

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More Levi’s 510’s & the Fate of AA Disco Pants

After doing some research I came across the names of a few of the Levi’s 510 Super Skinny jeans I hope to once again add to my collection. They are Filtered, Walker and Titanic. I had all of these and in multiple sizes. Probably at least 2 of each. Obviously my only hope of getting them is on ebay. However most people who sell second-hand jeans on ebay do not know the actual names of the colors and washes of these jeans. Heck, I didn’t even know the names until I did my research. I used to keep an excel file of all the jeans I had purchased with info including price, size, model name, color/wash, store and date I got each. But as I started to sell them over the years I would remove them from my list. Thank goodness for old order confirmation emails! Funny thing is that I never bothered to get pics of myself in most of these jeans. I have pics of me in the Filtered but not the Walker or Titanic. As I mentioned before another of the washes I wanted was Chainlink. That one I did get recently and was quite thrilled about it. And I have seen the Titanic on ebay but someone else snatched it up. These are not American made nor are they Japanese denim. They’re not vintage nor any kind of premium denim. So I’m not going to pay a lot for them. I got the Chainlink for $15 and the recent skintight Rigid Stretch for about $12 so I don’t intend to pay a lot more than these amounts to get those other ones. Another great find I acquired lately was a pair of 510’s in Greased. They are a dark denim with minor fading in areas. Their unique feature is a multitude of zippers. There’s a zipper coin pocket, an extra zipper back pocket and zippers down at the ankles. I do remember these on the Levi’s website when they first came out. Not completely sure if I ever had them or not. But I love the zippers at the ankles because they allow me to wear this super tight pair of jeans with any kind of shoes. When they’re unzipped it gives sort of a slight boot cut look. When they’re zipped it’s the super skinny look all the way down. I wasn’t sure these would fit because they are 1 size smaller than I normally wear to get a pretty tight fit. But since I fit into that recent Rigid Stretch pair that was also one size smaller I was confident I could get into these. And voila! I did. They are seriously one of my most tight jeans. But being such a dark wash makes it not all that obvious. Needless to say, I cannot fit anything into the pockets. I’m still looking for some great pre-worn Levi’s 510–particularly in dark shades of blue with nice fading and hige. They’re so hard to find in thrift stores so ebay is the way to go. I also acquired a new pair of disco pants a few days ago. Royal blue and brand new. They fit a little looser than most all the others I have but it’s good to have a variety of fits. And it’s good that they’re brand new. Also, my suspicions about American Apparel slowly phasing out their disco pants is coming to pass. Just this past week they were selling certain colors for only $9! If you go on their site you will see that some colors don’t even show up anymore as they no longer have them for sale. The purples, royal blue, peacock and pink are completely gone. Some of the other colors are available in only one or two extreme sizes. And based what I’ve seen on twitter AA continues to have in-store sales with these pants costing from $9 to $40. Glad I got them in 6 different colors. Perhaps those colors did not sell as well. I certainly did not find many photos of them on the web. It’s mostly black. Everyone got black ones. Some midnight navy here and there and some charcoal. Some red. And even some white. Everything else was rare to see. Especially brown. I don’t remember seeing any photos of brown ones being worn. (I recently wrote a review of their disco pants. It was very positive and informative. I had nothing but praise for them. Yet they decided not to publish my review. Strange indeed.) Oh well, it’s up us disco-pants-loving people to keep wearing them and stock up for the future. I don’t believe they will ever completely go away, as I see so many people on twitter just buying their first pair and only now getting into them. That’s almost 7 years after AA started selling them.

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Levis 510 Rigid Stretch

Since I’m not completely ready to just wear disco pants anytime I go out and I’m still dealing with some weight issues AND my main source of locale to actually wear disco pants to has been reduced to nearly zero, I try at least to wear some of my favourite skinny jeans every time I go out. Now that the weather is above freezing I can abandon the fleece pants and go back to my beloved skinny jeans.

Recently I acquired a pre-owned pair of Levi’s 510 in Rigid Stretch. That happens to be a color they no longer make. I now have 3 pairs in this color. One is a new pair in size 34 that I wear occasionally. They have not been washed and are still dark blue. Being a size 34 they are a little loose fitting and stretch out a bit after wearing. The second pair is the thrift store one that is a size 32. Pretty tight-fitting but have loosened up just a tad as I have worn them once or twice a week, weather permitting. They have some nice fade lines and nice fading in the right areas. This pair quickly became my very favourite pair of jeans and one that I wear pretty confidently, at least during ‘jacket weather.’ The third pair that I just got a few weeks ago is also tagged 32 but definitely tighter fitting than the thrift store one. Also has some very nice fading but no fade lines that I like to see around the front pockets and zipper areas. Does have an area on front of cell phone fading. A really awesome pair of skinnies!

I wore this 3rd pair today because I thought ‘what the hell, I’m going out for a short trip and then I’ll be back.’ I ended spending a couple hours in them as I also went to a local Kohl’s store. That turned out to be interesting as I made sure to check my jeans out in every mirror I came across at the store. And they looked really good! And tight!! I also made the point of going to the dressing room to try on a pair of jeans; but what I really went there for was to check out my jeans up close in the mirrors. Unfortunately, someone was in the partition that I usually use when I really go to try on some jeans. That partition is the largest one and the farthest one back so to get to it you have pass a series of mirrors. So I wasn’t able to see myself in those mirrors either. (On a side note, I did try on a pair of Levi’s 541 which is their new Athletic Fit. It is 100% cotton with a straight-leg fit and low-hanging back pockets. It makes for a universal-type fit, but I prefer 513’s for a universal fit. Otherwise it’s 510’s and 511’s for me.)

I did not notice anyone other than a boy aged 9 or 10 staring at my skintight 510’s while in a checkout line. I guess he had never seen anything like it before. Hopefully it inspired him!

Kohl’s is a funny store in that they sell 510’s online but not in-store. Which is a shame because there is room in the store for them. It would be so much better to have 510’s in there than the Tony Hawk jeans & pants they carry. Online they carry about 10 different colors/washes of 510’s and it would be so nice to have them there to try on. A few days ago I ordered 2 pairs–Rigid Dragon & Dark Blue. I do hope they fit ideally.

For those of you who may not know, a year or two or three ago Levi’s decided to modify their 510 and 511 lines of jeans. The 511’s went from being called ‘skinny’ to ‘slim’ and the 510’s from ‘super skinny’ to ‘skinny.’ I have tried a few of the new 510 skinny and I must say the fit is rather different from the 510 super skinny. For one thing, they are noticeably looser in the crotch area. Still rather tight in the calves which leads me to believe they are more of a slim-tapered jean now. And I am not the only to notice this. Almost any online vendor of Levi’s 510 will feature reviews criticizing this new fit.

Another thing I noticed is that an inseam of 32 used to be perfectly long on me with the old 510’s. With the new 510’s, a 32 inseam is a bit too short. I already had a pair of the Rigid Dragon with an inseam of 32 and it was short. If I were to have it washed it would probably have gotten shorter even. Now I make sure to order 34 inseams. We’ll see when my order arrives.

As far as those 510’s I wore today are concerned, I am going to keep looking out for them on ebay and in thrift stores. It’s so hard to find 510’s in thrift stores in a size 31 or 32 or 33 even. I’m not sure if it’s because they’re not being donated regularly or if they get quickly swept up once they’re put out for sale. I was super lucky to find that one I did in my local thrift store. It is the only one I ever found in size 32 in the 3 years or so that I have been thrift store shopping.

Also, I’m going to try to add to the rotation of jeans I wear the 510’s I wore today. Once a week would be ideal. At least while it’s still not very warm out. I can wear them with my long-ish jacket. I cannot wear them with some of my American Apparel jackets or hoodies because they don’t reach down low enough. I think I look great in these jeans but I still want to be somewhat discreet in wearing them.

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Too Cold For Disco Pants & Skinny Jeans

It’s been so cold here lately that I have not even been wearing my skinny jeans, much less any disco pants. That being said, even though today was still frigid I decided to throw caution to the wind and wear my favourite pair–those Levi’s 510 I bought at a thrift store some time ago. Naturally I had to wear them with some Under Armor tights underneath which made for a very unrelenting tight fit. These Levi’s are built with spandex and after a few hours of normal wear–read no tights underneath–they loosen up a bit to the point of me telling myself that they aren’t really all that tight of a pair of pants after all. They look and feel really tight when I put them on, to the point of me asking myself whether I want to be seen in such tight jeans. Since this past autumn I’ve been answering an emphatic “YES” to that question without any regret whatsoever. Today however, the pants remained skintight from the time I put them on till the time I took them off. And that also led to some familiar feelings of self-consciousness and regretful-wearing which I had not experienced in these jeans in quite some time. Again most likely the reason for the long-lasting tightness was due to the necessary Under Armor tights I wore. But another reason may be that I gained a little weight over the last month or so. Not good. And the self-consciousness? Well, let that be a lesson to us all. Once you stop wearing something you work up the courage to wear on a regular basis, you may find yourself in an uphill battle to overcome the obstacles once again.

But it was good today. I wore my favorite Levi’s 510 and my Emu sheepskin boots. I know that some people found themselves doing double takes and staring at me. I can only hope they enjoyed the sight! And some good news is that temperatures will be on the rise soon around here. That means that soon enough I will be wearing 510’s and my various other skinny jeans whenever I go out. Lately I’ve only been wearing fleece pants which are warm and quite comfortable. And also either boots or some waterproof high top sneakers. But I cannot wait to start rocking my skinny jeans and Converse again!

Nothing much happening in the disco pants realm. I now have 6 pairs of AA disco pants all in different colors. There are a few more I would like to get. I am looking to get a couple of the really cheaper versions out there and do side-by-side comparisons (per request) of quality, etc. I will say this though: AA disco pants are sooooooo nice.

Recently I parted with 2 vintage pairs from my collection. They happen to be 2 that I’ve had for a while yet never wore. Not that wearing them is a qualification for retaining them in my possession. But I needed some funds and another big disco pants aficionado wanted to buy them. And I’m really loving my newly made pairs from Coveted Obsessions.

I’m still concerned about American Apparel slowly phasing out their disco pant. I want to get a brown, a royal blue and maybe menthe before that happens. And a few of those 2-tone ones. And of course a couple of black ones. I find that when I wear them with my tall Emu boots no one can really tell whether they’re AA’s leggings style disco pants or the vintage straight leg cut. There is a little bit of a giveaway around the knees and just above the tops of the boots. The vintage ones tend to drape around those areas whereas the modern ones show no slack.

I may be coming into another vintage pair soon. It’s a color that I neither have had nor have seen. But it is one of my favourite brands and I’m excited about it.

That’s all for now.

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A Little History of Jonden Disco Pants

In my never-ending pursuit of information regarding disco pants, I came across this regarding the Jonden brand of the vintage wear:

Linda Leal founded Jonden in 1981. In the early years, the company was driven solely by Linda’s keen sense of fashion and creative approach to traditional designs. Relying on the popularity of Spandex pants, she launched the Jonden fashion line.

The brand name was based on Linda’s children’s names–Jon and Denise. I had thought Jonden was a Swedish company but based on this info it was American and based in New York. More importantly, since the company was founded in 1981, all Jonden disco pants are from 1981 or later. Thus, there is no such thing as Jonden disco pants from the 1970s. That’s good to know! I have 4 pairs of Jonden pants and I can safely say they are all from the 80’s. Too bad they no longer make them. I really love the silky smooth material of 2 of the pairs I have and the lower placement of the rear pockets. Also the extra stretchy waistband. Those were definitely unique characteristics of Jonden’s disco pants and the reasons why they remain a favorite of mine.

Something else I must mention though I had not planned on it–I am watching “Too Close For Comfort” as I write this and the character of Sarah played by Lydia Cornell was wearing what appeared to be a skintight black pair of disco pants. The episode is titled “Mr. Christmas” and is from December 16, 1982. Before everyone gets excited I must write that her pants were not disco pants. The camera focused plenty on her and her pants and there were no pockets. In fact, as she claimed they were part of her ski outfit. I’ve never seen any skier wear pants like that! They looked like shiny lycra running tights. Her dad told her that her outfit ‘leaves little to the imagination’ and that she should ‘take it off and burn it.’ LOL. It’s worth watching if you can find it online.

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