First For 2014

So after 5 months of not wearing disco pants I finally wore some last evening. I wore the black Le Gambi #1. And I’m glad to say I wore them confidently. There was nothing out of the ordinary. No comments. No looks that I noticed. A couple of guys who never saw me in them before got the chance to see them. One of them came up to me and said “nice pants.” One interesting thing I have observed is that guys will actually talk or say something about them to me. I mean, most of the guys are used to seeing the pants so they don’t even care to say anything anymore. But girls don’t say anything at all. I think they probably look in wonder but they don’t say anything. It’s too bad because I’d be willing to talk to anyone about disco pants as it is one of my favorite things to talk and think about.

Not sure when the next wearing will be but I’m hopeful for sometime in April, which will mark the 2 year anniversary that I started wearing this awesome article of clothing. Want to start wearing the other colors I have as well.

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XL AA Disco Pants & First Wearing of ’14

So I did it. I ordered another pair of black disco pants from American Apparel. This time an XL. Hey, I had a 30% off discount code so that brings their price down to about $59. Not bad at all. It’s already been shipped so should get them pretty soon. I’m very curious to see how XL will fit. If I don’t like it I’ll just exchange for another size and/or color.

Looks like today I’ll be wearing disco pants for the first time this year and first time since last October when I wore my black Jonden’s. I’m looking forward to it. I had 2 opportunities last month to wear them but it was really frigid and you can’t really wear anything underneath them for extra warmth. Plus I had gotten out of the mode of wearing them on a regular basis which honestly affected my confidence a bit. When I first started sporting them I had gotten up to 6 times per month (to the same place) which made it quickly become less of a spectacle. Now of course it feels almost like starting over though I know some people do expect to see me in them. There will be others though who are not familiar with that look and will probably stare. Well, they are nice pants and even though I’ve seen them so many times I would still stare if I saw someone in them too. They’re just uncommon. Almost like a novelty. I can’t help but look at the girl who I gave a pair to whenever she wears them. I try to keep myself from staring though because I don’t want to be caught doing so. If people stare because they’re fascinated by the pants then it’s fine. But if they stare because they’re thinking ‘gross’ or ‘only women should wear that’ then it’s more bothersome. That’s just something we all have to get over, I guess; they have to get over their preconceived notions of what certain people can and cannot wear and accept that it’s one of the aspects of living in a free society. There are places less free in that respect where manner of dress is completely dictated by law. And of course I have to get over trying to figure out what people are thinking or even caring what they think for that matter. The people who like what you’re wearing will tell you. And some have told me. Those who don’t and are polite will not tell you. Those who are rude and obnoxious will say something rude and obnoxious to make themselves feel better about some deficiency in their lives. Fortunately, where I wear my disco pants to, the only people I deal with are the ones who like the pants or don’t but are polite.

It’s actually a bit interesting when there are people there who’ve never seen me (or anyone probably) wearing disco pants. It’s fuuny to follow the direction of their eyes down to your legs. I mentioned previously about a teen guy who saw me in them and even said “Woah!” as he just made no effort to hide that he was gawking at my pants. That was pretty cool actually and I would have loved to talk to him about the pants if he wanted to. He was wearing some pretty skinny jeans himself so obviously he’s interested in fashion. What I don’t like dealing with is stupid giggling. Or comments about sexuality, which I have not heard to this point and don’t expect to.

Oh well, if anything novel should happen I’ll write about.

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Midnight Le Gambi Disco Pants

Today was the first time I wore my new Emu Australia boots. Wore them with a pair of dark blue Levi’s 501. The jeans were wide enough to be worn over the boots. Waiting for the right moment to wear a pair of skinny jeans or the like tucked inside the boots.

The midnight navy Le Gambi disco pants I had been waiting on are absolutely amazing. Super high quality and super smooth-feeling and looking. Definitely the best one yet! And the color is so rich. I can see myself making plenty of good use out of these. In fact, a second pair is not out of the question. Highly, highly recommended. Just a couple of pics to give you an idea:

DSC07096a      DSC07101ab







That particular pair is a bit smaller than I ideally prefer but they look and feel great regardless. Color goes with anything and everything. Definitely a go-to pair!

Lately I haven’t bought any others. At the moment I am very content with my collection. Yes, there are a few more colors I would like to get but they shall prove to be very difficult to find. Bright green, burgundy and charcoal are the ones particularly on my radar.

I’ve been thinking about AA’s disco pants a lot lately and they are very nice. I still would like to get some additional pairs in several other colors. At the moment I only have 1 medium pair in black. I would like to get another in XL just to see how loose they fit overall. I tried mine on last night and they’re very comfortable and shiny. They look great with my Doc Martens boots or with Vans sneakers.










I like the streamlined look with the boots. But I also like the contrast of the shiny black with the lighter colored sneakers.

In all honesty, they really are just super skinny jeans that are really shiny and stretchy. It helps if you are also rather skinny but IT’S NOT NECESSARY! This medium pair is molded to my legs so I would love to see how an XL would fit. I know that jeans for guys that fit like this is hard to find but they do exist so there’s nothing wrong with guys wearing these. And I would wear these regularly if others didn’t treat them as such a spectacle. But for the time being I will keep wearing my traditional straight leg pairs. I wish I had a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to dressing how I want, but I am still trying to get over the heavy-handed conditioning that society instills into everyone nearly from birth. I really admire those who absolutely don’t care what others think when it comes to clothing. That’s how I’m working to become but it’s a long and arduous process. One thing I love about Nudie jeans is that they claim they make jeans neither for men nor for women. Their jeans are for anyone and everyone to wear. That’s a great philosophy yet I see many online stores selling Nudie jeans exclusively as women’s. Why ignore and modify the designer’s original intent? I guess I’m not the only one struggling societal conditioning….


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Just a super quick update–I did get the boots yesterday and they are fantastic! Tried some new skinny Levi’s 510 with them and it looked great!! The jeans are a medium-light blue and they really contrast with the boots. However it is a look that will take a little getting used to as it is a look more associated with women/girls. Not that’s it’s a feminine look at all. I don’t see tucking skinny jeans into boots as a womanly way of dressing. It’s just more commonly seen on them. By the way, the last 2 days I have gone out in skinny jeans tucked into my Vans boots. So I’m working my way on dressing how I like even though it may look odd to all the others who dress ‘regularly,’ whatever that means.

Anyway, I also tried the boots on with my black Bojeangles disco pants and my navy blue Bojeangles disco pants. A very nice look with both! Did I mention that the boots are really high? When I pulled them out of the box they didn’t look all that tall. But when I put them on they covered up a good portion of my calves. Much taller than the Vans slip on boots. I do like them very much and, finances permitting, I will eventually get them in Chocolate and Charcoal as well. Here’s a photo of them with one of my vintage pairs of Le Gambi disco pants:

DSC06894 (2)b

Another nice aspect of these boots is that I can wear American Apparel disco pants with them and probably get away with most people not knowing whether they are the vintage ones or AA’s. However I do have yet to try this out. Due to the nature of AA’s leggings-like disco pants, the pants probably will not bunch up around the top of the boots, as the vintage ones do. The vintage disco pants are straight leg/slim cut and they do bunch up a bit around the tops. I am considering picking up a pair of AA’s in large or X-large and seeing if there’s any difference between their fit and the small’s and medium’s I have worn.

So now I’m just waiting on the midnight navy Le Gambi disco pants. I found out that parcel deliveries has been slow this week due to something called the Mardi Gras :)
I just hope it gets here today.

I leave you with a video from 1980 of Leif Garrett singing one of his hit songs as he wears some nearly knee-high, light-colored boots with skintight, navy blue disco pants tucked into the boots and a light colored button-up shirt tucked into the pants. Such an awesome outfit! Kinda simple, yet edgy. And the shirt is buttoned up all the way to the top! Just goes to show you that you don’t need to show any skin to dress or look sexy!

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New Disco Pants & Boots On the Way!

I had not realized it’s been so long since I wrote here. I did not post at all in the month of February. Reason being no major news really. Got a couple new skinny jeans but that’s about it. Haven’t been wearing my disco pants because it’s just been dreadfully cold here and I can’t stand the cold.

But I am excited for tomorrow though! I am expecting to get a brand new pair of Le Gambi disco pants in midnight navy AND a pair of Emu Australia Platinum Stinger Hi boots!! First, the pants: in my previous post I wrote about anticipating a new pair of white Le Gambi pants. Instead of white I am getting midnight navy and I’m actually more excited about it than white because the darkness of midnight navy makes it so much more universally appealing. I had a pair of American Apparel’s midnight navy disco pants and it’s really a great color despite the fit. So to get a pair in this color in the traditional fit of disco pants is nothing short of awesome. I cannot wait to get them, try them on and take tons of photos!

Second, the boots: I had a pair of Uggs in chocolate a few years ago. But they were the classic length, not the tall. And for some reason Uggs doesn’t have them in tall with men’s sizes. I see tons of women wearing Uggs and Uggs-lookalikes and I just love how they look. But most of them are wearing the tall version with their leggings or skinny jeans tucked in. And as I am still on my quest to find some flat-soled slip on boots to wear with my disco pants and skinny jeans I started looking around online until I came across a boot very similar to Uggs, called Emu Australia. Funny thing is, if you look around on U.S. online shops they pretty much only carry the boots in women’s sizes. If you look on Australian websites you can find men’s sizes as well. I just don’t understand that. Uggs boots and similar style boots are very much unisex looking. Why is it that in the U.S. they are marketed only towards females? Anyway, I had to order these Emu Stinger boots directly from Emu in Australia. They have both a men’s section and women’s section on their online store but the products seem to be the same. So in actuality the Stinger Hi boot is unisex. I ordered a men’s size 10 and proceeded to check out and pay. The receipts I received showed both that I ordered a men’s size 10 and a women’s size 11. Keep that in mind if you are a male wanting to order these boots in the U.S. Whatever your normal size is, get a size larger in women’s as they will probably be labelled strictly in women’s sizes. And there are no half-sizes. I ordered a pair in black and if they turn out to be as awesome as some of the photos I’ve seen, I will most likely get a pair in charcoal and another in chocolate. Here are photos of them:













































They are very nice looking boots and pretty much like the boots all the girls are wearing nowadays. Except they’re not Uggs. Which is good because when people start to ask me if I’m wearing Uggs I can happily say no. I have nothing against Uggs. But since they’re so associated with women’s clothing–even though the maker makes them as a unisex item–I can proudly say, “They’re Emu’s.” I don’t think most people around here ever heard of them so that’s good.

So if everything goes right I will have both items tomorrow and I can try them on together. I am really excited to try those boots with all the other disco pants in my collection and my super skinny jeans as well. And of course pictures will appear here in a few days. Till then, be yourself!


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More New Le Gambi Disco Pants to Start 2014

I haven’t written in a while because I’ve really had no updates. The holidays have come and gone and nothing really significant happened in terms of disco pants or skinny jeans or such. I did get another pair of vintage white ones but I’m not completely thrilled with them so I will be looking to sell them. They’re a little more loose-feeling than I like them to be and due to their age they are not all that white looking. And I bought a couple of 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans that were on sale.

I do have plans to buy a brand new white pair of Le Gambi disco pants from the makers of the other brand new pairs I’ve bought in the last few months. Additionally, I’ve been informed by them that they will also have the color “Midnight Navy” which I’m looking forward to very much. I had that pair of AA disco pants in midnight navy and it really is a wonderful color despite the fit of their disco pants. Plus it adds a bit of variety to just wearing black ones most of the time. It does get a bit boring wearing only black disco pants all the time [relatively speaking, of course, because it's actually never boring wearing disco pants of any colour!]. I feel most comfortable in black and since these are a very dark blue they will give me another option that I can feel more comfortable in as well as complementing most of the tops I like to wear with disco pants. So I’m really looking forward to adding white and midnight navy (and eventually black) to my collection that currently totals about 25 pairs of both vintage and newly made spandex disco pants.

If you love these pants like I do and have not yet bought any of the newly made ones, I highly urge you to do so. They are wonderfully made, they feel great on, they are comfortable, they spice up your wardrobe, they make a statement that you do things your own way, they are edgy yet not over-the-top, they are retro yet fresh, they are unisex, they are awesome! They are casual, they are laid-back, they are formal they are fun.

Why should shoes be allowed to be shiny but not pants? We only follow the rules of style and fashion that have been instilled in us without question. Now is the time to question those rules and see they are really nothing more than somebody else’s ideas that have been passed down based on subjective preferences and not logic. Shiny, matte, tight, loose, stretch, non-stretch. Why limit ourselves to only one possibility when there are so many out there?

Anyway, that’s a bit of my philosophical side which you may have seen flashes of in previous posts. But that’s the way I look at it. It’s really a shame that in this culture it is not considered ‘manly’ for a male to want to experiment with fashion. Clothing is fun for everyone! Experiment!!

Again though, I highly recommend purchasing these newly made pairs. So many of the vintage pairs that I have bought have little stains or runs or thin areas that just can’t be repaired. Some have even been permanently trimmed for shorter lengths. They have been rightfully enjoyed by others but time has not been kind to the materials and they get further damaged with each additional wearing. These new pairs are newly made and sturdy and pristine. No color fading. No broken stitches. No stretched out areas. No aged fabric. Not cheaply made by severely underpaid labourers. And not a cut that complements the physique of only one gender.

Just to let you know, I am not endorsed by the company that makes these new disco pants.  I praise their product on this blog because I am a tremendous fan of what they make. I am also grateful that such a product is being made once again and is available to have. Think about your favourite pair of shoes or sneakers or jeans from the past. Something that is no longer made or available other than in pre-owned condition. Imagine how great it would be if that item were being made again and were available for purchase! That is precisely how I feel about spandex disco jeans. When these pants first came out I was way too young to be able to get a pair or even know what they were called. But each time I saw someone on TV wearing them it made me want them more and more. And even though having pre-owned vintage pairs are better than not having any–and pre-owned vintage ones are incredibly awesome, I must say–nothing is really better than having a brand new one where you alone can create its history. And I would like to see the makers of the new ones stay in business and prosper of course! They make a wonderful, one-of-a-kind product true to the original article.

I’m hoping my next post will be about my new white Le Gambi’s and then another with some photos. Until then….

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White Disco Pants

Just a few updates….

Finally received my Topman black leather look spray-on skinny jeans on Monday. On Wednesday I sent it back. The H&M’s were so much better. Both are skintight but the Topman’s are on the verge of leggings. Plus, the Topman’s feel much thinner and are made with polyester so it has a different feel and look to them. The H&M look much more like leather than do the Topman. The shine on the Topman’s leave much to be desired. I took some photos but they did not come out well. I could fit into the Topman pair and fasten them but they were hurting on the waist after a while. Also they weren’t tight enough on the groin area. The calves were super tight and actually a lot more than I prefer. My ideal fit is tight at the top and looser at the bottom. I had a pair of their grey spray-on’s last year which were tight in the right places, albeit so tight they didn’t fit and I returned them, too. And they were the same size as these.

I knew what to expect in terms of fit with these jeans from Topman. I’ve had them before. So I’m not focusing on that so much. It’s more the supposed ‘leather look.’ I would have kept them at just waxed cotton and spandex, sans the polyester. The pair by H&M feel heavy-duty while Topman’s are thin and don’t look like they would hold up very long. So I may be just about done buying from Topman. At least their jeans. But all their stuff is expensive and takes forever to arrive here.

Moving on….after taking my white Jonden disco pants to get the zipper fixed I finally tried them on last night. These disco pants were the hardest ones I have ever tried getting into. The zipper took forever to get far enough up. I must have spent a good 20 to 30 minutes working that zipper as far up as I could so that it wouldn’t come back down on its own. When I was done, these pants were stretched to the max and even got damaged as a result of the hour or so that I had them on. Several areas of runs or overstretched areas were showing up while I was wearing them. Disappointing but I was glad to be able to finally wear them. I took lots of pics and some videos too figuring that I would probably never get them on again. So here are a few of the photos:




00001 (10)-001

Like most disco pants that have runs or stretched out areas, the damage can’t be seen unless you’re way up close looking at it. Nothing shows up in the photos here. And the good news is that since I most likely will not be getting into this pair again anytime soon, I do have another white pair on the way! And this one will most likely fit a little better. Don’t get me wrong, I like disco pants to be super tight just like these white Jonden’s. But if the pants are so tight that they get damaged just by wearing them for an hour then it’s not worth it. These are expensive pants, both the vintage and the newly-made ones. If I had an endless supply of these pants then I wouldn’t mind them getting damaged after a short wearing. But I don’t and these pants are getting harder and harder to come by (and so is money, LOL).

But I’m hoping to get the new white ones tomorrow. And of course once I do and take pics you will see them here. And I will have yet another color that I’ve been desiring in order to complete my disco pants collection.

Finally, I ordered a few more jeans from 7 For All Mankind. They sent me a 30% off-sale-items offer and I ordered 2 more of their Paxtyn skinny jeans. These being sale/clearance items means they cannot be returned. One of them is just another pair of the Glenview Grey ones I ordered last time but 2 sizes bigger. I really liked the color of the first pair but wanted a second pair in a little looser fit. And the other jean I ordered was the same style but in a dark blue and as tight fitting as the previous pair. I really love the fit and finish of 7FAM jeans.

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